A thought recorder, anyone?

I have had this idea of having a ‘Thought Recorder’ a long time ago. coz I think that having thoughts is a continuous & spontenous process and I can’t reconcile to the fact that either you keep y’r thoughts in a tiny compartment in y’r brain until you make a hard copy of’em or they are lost .. maybe forever. I’ve had many such thoughts and ideas which seemed terrific to me at that time, but I didn’t put them somewhere quickly enough so now they are gone. Most of the times they are related to needs for inventions, making some process or machine simpler, beginning of a poem etc. etc. Believe me, at the time of having such thoughts/ideas I’m completely convinced that this one may change the face of the future/history of the world or lead to something terrific! This happens with some of my dreams too. I don’t know if this happens only with me or there are some other ‘crazy’ ppl out there too. Anyway, its then that I feel the need of a ‘Thought Recorder’ the most. This idea got reinforced when I saw prog on Discovery showing how new tech can help fighter-pilots to aim & shoot just by moving their head and thinking!

Since I don’t see any alien gifting me such a device in near future so I’ve got a diary where I put down all such material which can not be given immediate attention. If even the diary is not handy then I write on anything available and later copy it to ‘The Diary’. While going through the entries later u can continue the thought process/thread where you left it last. Some consolation, at least! He He He


Do something, anything

I’ve heard so many ppl say when asked “wassup ?” that “Life is a bore. There is nothing to do.” !!! I just can’t believe that ! To me it actually means that the person themselves don’t want to do any thing. I read an idea, which I was thinking abt too. (“If you got an idea, somebody else has already thought of it before.” !!!) It is like –
“One should make a list of ’50 things you want to do in your lifetime before you die.”
So that the next time you have those “… there’s nothing to do …” blues, you just go through that list and pick the most appropriate thing to do. Well, the number of entries may vary but I personally feel that any count below 50 is not acceptable.
Go ahead … try it.

Life’s small mysteries

I’m going to have my PG exams in 20 days and I am sorting out my blog !!! Whoever said that this is not obsessive??!!! But I guess this is typically me. If I find something I like then I just go after it. Somewhat like Forrest Gump (although I’m yet to become a Table-Tennis star!) I have heard people say before that its only when exams are near that you tend to think of doing 1000 other things except sudying. I guess it happens coz this the time when most people sit a while and try to concentrate. You don’t get to actually ‘think’ during the routine life, so when you finally come around to sit at one place then (those) 1000 things rush at you. And naturally ‘other’ 1000 things are more tempting than this 1 thing : Studying. So you end up arranging ‘that’ CD collection, looking for ‘that’ lost shirt (which seems to be gobbled up by the washing machine) and 998 other things.
Q.E.D. (….. so I solved another of the life’s small mysteries ….He He He)

Oh S**t, I got exams in 20 days and I’m solving ‘Life’s small mysteries’ ????!!!!!!!


(…………………………………. and life goes on …………………………..)

P.S.- (This is a jewel) “Everyday I spend a huge amount of time worrying if I’m being obsessive.” Hmmm, food for thought.

The morality of war on Iraq

Gulf War-II is baseless & in itself a terrorist activity. I strongly disagree with the US govts (actually Bush Govts) agenda of “liberating” the Iraqi people. And now the US govt has publicly announced that a US military general will rule ‘temporarily’ over Iraq until the democratic process is restored ! People get a govt only which they deserve. No govt can survive if the people don’t will it to. If Iraqis or any country to that matter has a dictator then probably they deserve it or don’t mind it much. Musharraf used the same reasoning to ‘appoint’ himself the dictator of Pakistan. And quite obviously, there is no visible sign of ‘any’ democratic process starting in near future. If US is really so worried about the survival of democracy in the world then Pakistan should be its next target after Iraq. I’m actually numbed by the thought that no country has come forward strongly to challenge/question the legality of the US to attack a country at peace just due to its ‘imaginative’ threat perception. US has not come forward with any single solid proof of Iraq having WMD even 20 days into the war now ! The UN is showing some activity now but that for ‘Post-war’ reconstruction and rehabilitation. I guess they forgot “Pervention is better that cure”.

All this reminds me of a poem which went something like this ………

“I didn’t stand up when they came for the communists,
‘coz I wasn’t a communist.

I didn’t stand up when they came for the workers,
‘coz I wasn’t a worker.

I didn’t stand up when they came for the separatists,
‘coz I wasn’t a separatist.

Now they’ve come for me and there is nobody left,
to stand by me.”

This just gives an idea of the theme of the poem although the words are incorrect. If somebody knows the real poem then plz let me know.

P.S. – Vir Sanghvi has written some very hard-hitting articles in the Hindustan Times editorial pages over the last few days … just in case.

Is blogging same as writing a diary?

I think bloging can’t be compared to writing a diary. A diary is a personal endeavour whereas bloging is more like writing your personal diary and saying to someone “pssssst, hey I have written my diary, you can go and read it!”. It is like you want others to read what you have written, you want others to sit up and listen to you, you want others to pay attention. Isn’t this the reason that as soon you have published something in your blog, you check the index page to see if your blog is visible? You want your material to be read.

This is exactly opposite to diary writing where you want your material to be confidential/personal/secret. If the person really wanted to keep the material private then why would he go about publishing public blogs. He would simply buy a simple diary from a stationary shop and pour his thoughts into it. He certainly wouldn’t spend money on hourly basis for internet access.

You want your thoughts to be known but are also afraid to reveal your real self. Isn’t this the reason that so many people choose to publish their blogs anonymously. You want to be recognised through your blogs. You want the traffic to your blog to be the most. You put counters on your site to get that sense of satisfaction. So that you can actually see the people coming to your page …. all this anonymously.

Well, ‘anonymity’ is another story, another psycho babble.

EyesOfCalvin – Introduction

Now hi there.
Firstly you might be curious about the name “EyesOfCalvin”. After all every action has a reason, a motivation! You might think “Why this name only ?” Well, becuase of some simple reasons.

(1) Actually I wanted to call it ‘Life through the eyes of Calvin’. But it sounds too long. So I shortened it to ‘EyesOfCalvin’. For your convenience, you see :O)
(2) ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ is one of my favorite cartoon strips. I think that the author/cartoonist has done a great job of imagining like a small 6-7 year old kid. You think its easy? Try it, and you’ll know!
(3) Sometimes Calvin’s innocence raises some very interesting and relevant questions. About us ‘Grown-ups’. E.g. Calvin sets up a road-side stall to sell “a kick on the butt” for $1 coz he thinks every grown-up really needs one! (I agree, but I don’t think anyone is ever gonna ‘pay’ $1 for it. Maybe it should be done for free, … as a social service ;O) )
(4) I thought that maybe I can try to see this world through the eyes of Calvin too, without any prejudice, without any pretensions, without any bias but with all the innocence! And maybe I can have some of the fun Calvin has! Amen !!!

You might like to check out some ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ cartoons y’rself. And another good one is at UComics. So here we go ……..