EyesOfCalvin – Introduction

Now hi there.
Firstly you might be curious about the name “EyesOfCalvin”. After all every action has a reason, a motivation! You might think “Why this name only ?” Well, becuase of some simple reasons.

(1) Actually I wanted to call it ‘Life through the eyes of Calvin’. But it sounds too long. So I shortened it to ‘EyesOfCalvin’. For your convenience, you see :O)
(2) ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ is one of my favorite cartoon strips. I think that the author/cartoonist has done a great job of imagining like a small 6-7 year old kid. You think its easy? Try it, and you’ll know!
(3) Sometimes Calvin’s innocence raises some very interesting and relevant questions. About us ‘Grown-ups’. E.g. Calvin sets up a road-side stall to sell “a kick on the butt” for $1 coz he thinks every grown-up really needs one! (I agree, but I don’t think anyone is ever gonna ‘pay’ $1 for it. Maybe it should be done for free, … as a social service ;O) )
(4) I thought that maybe I can try to see this world through the eyes of Calvin too, without any prejudice, without any pretensions, without any bias but with all the innocence! And maybe I can have some of the fun Calvin has! Amen !!!

You might like to check out some ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ cartoons y’rself. And another good one is at UComics. So here we go ……..


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