Is blogging same as writing a diary?

I think bloging can’t be compared to writing a diary. A diary is a personal endeavour whereas bloging is more like writing your personal diary and saying to someone “pssssst, hey I have written my diary, you can go and read it!”. It is like you want others to read what you have written, you want others to sit up and listen to you, you want others to pay attention. Isn’t this the reason that as soon you have published something in your blog, you check the index page to see if your blog is visible? You want your material to be read.

This is exactly opposite to diary writing where you want your material to be confidential/personal/secret. If the person really wanted to keep the material private then why would he go about publishing public blogs. He would simply buy a simple diary from a stationary shop and pour his thoughts into it. He certainly wouldn’t spend money on hourly basis for internet access.

You want your thoughts to be known but are also afraid to reveal your real self. Isn’t this the reason that so many people choose to publish their blogs anonymously. You want to be recognised through your blogs. You want the traffic to your blog to be the most. You put counters on your site to get that sense of satisfaction. So that you can actually see the people coming to your page …. all this anonymously.

Well, ‘anonymity’ is another story, another psycho babble.


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