Life’s small mysteries

I’m going to have my PG exams in 20 days and I am sorting out my blog !!! Whoever said that this is not obsessive??!!! But I guess this is typically me. If I find something I like then I just go after it. Somewhat like Forrest Gump (although I’m yet to become a Table-Tennis star!) I have heard people say before that its only when exams are near that you tend to think of doing 1000 other things except sudying. I guess it happens coz this the time when most people sit a while and try to concentrate. You don’t get to actually ‘think’ during the routine life, so when you finally come around to sit at one place then (those) 1000 things rush at you. And naturally ‘other’ 1000 things are more tempting than this 1 thing : Studying. So you end up arranging ‘that’ CD collection, looking for ‘that’ lost shirt (which seems to be gobbled up by the washing machine) and 998 other things.
Q.E.D. (….. so I solved another of the life’s small mysteries ….He He He)

Oh S**t, I got exams in 20 days and I’m solving ‘Life’s small mysteries’ ????!!!!!!!


(…………………………………. and life goes on …………………………..)

P.S.- (This is a jewel) “Everyday I spend a huge amount of time worrying if I’m being obsessive.” Hmmm, food for thought.


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