The morality of war on Iraq

Gulf War-II is baseless & in itself a terrorist activity. I strongly disagree with the US govts (actually Bush Govts) agenda of “liberating” the Iraqi people. And now the US govt has publicly announced that a US military general will rule ‘temporarily’ over Iraq until the democratic process is restored ! People get a govt only which they deserve. No govt can survive if the people don’t will it to. If Iraqis or any country to that matter has a dictator then probably they deserve it or don’t mind it much. Musharraf used the same reasoning to ‘appoint’ himself the dictator of Pakistan. And quite obviously, there is no visible sign of ‘any’ democratic process starting in near future. If US is really so worried about the survival of democracy in the world then Pakistan should be its next target after Iraq. I’m actually numbed by the thought that no country has come forward strongly to challenge/question the legality of the US to attack a country at peace just due to its ‘imaginative’ threat perception. US has not come forward with any single solid proof of Iraq having WMD even 20 days into the war now ! The UN is showing some activity now but that for ‘Post-war’ reconstruction and rehabilitation. I guess they forgot “Pervention is better that cure”.

All this reminds me of a poem which went something like this ………

“I didn’t stand up when they came for the communists,
‘coz I wasn’t a communist.

I didn’t stand up when they came for the workers,
‘coz I wasn’t a worker.

I didn’t stand up when they came for the separatists,
‘coz I wasn’t a separatist.

Now they’ve come for me and there is nobody left,
to stand by me.”

This just gives an idea of the theme of the poem although the words are incorrect. If somebody knows the real poem then plz let me know.

P.S. – Vir Sanghvi has written some very hard-hitting articles in the Hindustan Times editorial pages over the last few days … just in case.


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