A thought recorder, anyone?

I have had this idea of having a ‘Thought Recorder’ a long time ago. coz I think that having thoughts is a continuous & spontenous process and I can’t reconcile to the fact that either you keep y’r thoughts in a tiny compartment in y’r brain until you make a hard copy of’em or they are lost .. maybe forever. I’ve had many such thoughts and ideas which seemed terrific to me at that time, but I didn’t put them somewhere quickly enough so now they are gone. Most of the times they are related to needs for inventions, making some process or machine simpler, beginning of a poem etc. etc. Believe me, at the time of having such thoughts/ideas I’m completely convinced that this one may change the face of the future/history of the world or lead to something terrific! This happens with some of my dreams too. I don’t know if this happens only with me or there are some other ‘crazy’ ppl out there too. Anyway, its then that I feel the need of a ‘Thought Recorder’ the most. This idea got reinforced when I saw prog on Discovery showing how new tech can help fighter-pilots to aim & shoot just by moving their head and thinking!

Since I don’t see any alien gifting me such a device in near future so I’ve got a diary where I put down all such material which can not be given immediate attention. If even the diary is not handy then I write on anything available and later copy it to ‘The Diary’. While going through the entries later u can continue the thought process/thread where you left it last. Some consolation, at least! He He He


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