Bhoot – Movie review

OK, I’m in the ‘Been there, Seen that’ club of BHOOT. I must admit I enjoyed the movie while I was there, but now on retrospection, I find it good enough for 3-Star rating only. It is a laudable effort to set a spooky thriller in an urban setting. But the ‘urbanity’ does not intrude into the flow of the story as barely anything outside the apartment building is brought into view. It also helps to have a worrying father and a rosary-weilding, expressionless old woman with hair so white (not grey) that it gives an impression of a wig, for neighbors.
The first half is better than the second. Urmila and Ajay shine in some scenes. Nana, Tanuja, Fardeen and Rekha are merely add-ons with a forgettable performance and roles. I liked the guy in the role of the shrink, don’t remember his name though. A few brief scenes about his lifes’ problems was a good touch as a sub-plot. The background score is the real highlight of the movie. I suggest if you HAVE to watch it then go to a theatre with a GOOD sound system. The chills are basically due to the ‘Appropriate’ noises or sounds.

This a season for spook freaks with ‘Darna Mana Hai’ and ’88 Antop Hill’ due for release. I’m waiting …


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