Brain drain?

One of my friends is moving to Canada with his family. Yesterday he had invited everyone from ‘the old gang’ for a celebratory bash. Had a good time. Around 5-6 of my friends have already left for US, Canada or Australia ( … Australia is the latest hotspot.) … and I met another 5-6 guys yesterday at the party who were on their way out (… excluding the the host, that is) It helps that every one of ’em has a computers background.
That set me thinking about the phenomenon of ‘brain-drain’. I was thinking that if so many people are ‘immigrating’ just form this small area then one can well imagine the magnitude of the problem (??!!) countrywide ! I read an article yesterday which said that almost 30% of the IITians move abroad. I’m not sure about it whether it is right or not to abandon y’r ‘mother-land’ in search of greener pastures … but every body has a right to self-preservation, to think of personal satisfaction (gratification) and grab the best possible oppurtunity available. The basic reasons for this ‘exodus’ is lack of recognition for y’r work, official apathy, corruption & red-tapism in the bureaucracy, general disillusionment with the system and society, and of course the financial allure.

Sometimes I feel that they (NRIs) are proving to be of more help NOW from abroad than they could have been if they had stayed back ! Here in India they’d have been ‘just another’ middle-class family … barely managing to gather a decent living for themselves … let alone think of any philanthropy ! But from the position they are in now, they are proving to be of more help in terms of vision, fresh ideas and financially. So isn’t this situation a better one ??!! … but I’m a die hard optimist, you see.


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