Ghalib’s biography and gazals

Any one interested in Urdu poetry and Ghalib can check this link. The webpage carries a brief bio of Ghalib and translation of his works. Difficult words are explained so the poetry is more ‘accessible’.

Some famous couplets from his gazals:

ragoN meiN  dauDte firne  ke ham naheeN qaayal
jab aaNkh hee se na Tapka to fir lahoo kya hai ?

Another one:

unke dekhe se jo aa jaatee  hai muNh par raunaq
woh samajhte haiN ke beemaar ka haal achcha hai


hamko    ma’aloom    hai   jannat  ki  haqeeqat   lekin
dil ke KHush rakhne ko, ‘GHalib’ yeh KHayaal achcha hai


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