Japan, oh Japan

I’m fascinated with the Japanese culture and history. It is one of my dreams to visit Japan and learn to use a Kanji or Kana (Japanese swords). Origami and Bonsai are awe inspiring art forms. One of my favorite novel (‘SHOGUN’ by James Clavel) also has a Japanese historical setting. I’ve read it twice already. The characters of a Samurai, Ronin, Ninja, Shogun etc. are so intriguing and intense. I like the way virtues like honesty, loyalty, respect etc. are regarded highly in a Japanese society, now …. and then.

Another of Japanese art forms I just adore is ‘Haiku’. A Haiku is a short poem, usually 3 lines with 5, 7 and 5 syllables … although the syllables are not a compulsary constraint. The most wonderful aspect of a Haiku is its conciseness, brevity. E.g.

Against dark wild clouds
skeleton trees silhouette
like cracks in the sky

Another one about a sword is

heron’s cry
stabs the darkness ”
– Basho

One good site with a lot of great Haiku (and other poems too) is POETRY.COM.

I’m going to write more about this soon.


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