Koi Mil Gaya – Movie review

This one gets 3/5 stars just because of its fresh theme and Hritik’s acting. My biggest reason to go for this movie was that I had seen E.T. a few days ago and wanted to see how much has been copied !! Well, the answer is “A lot.” E.g. the “ball-throw-in-and-the-ball-throw-out” scene is a straight lift. I was impressed by the cinematography, 3 songs (you know which one) and Hritik’s acting. The animation of the spaceship’s landing and the door opening was cool, but the one showing bird reflections in a pond in one of the songs was too tacky. Also, I can’t understand the idea of grown up guys on dirt-bikes bullying kids on push-scooters !! The biker guys seemed more mentally challenged than Hritik’s character.

All in all, its a kiddo movie with an average script. There is another movie I watched, which doesn’t even deserves a separate review. I’m talking about ‘OOPS‘, and my advice is “Don’t go. Save yourself.


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