Remember me?

This is one question I hate coming from people like recent classmates ! I mean, I get a mail and the person goes like “Hi, I’m so-and-so. Remember me ? I was your classmate !” Or they SMS me and say “This is ME !! Naam to yaad hoga!” What the ****. Do they think I’ve got such a bad case of amnesia !! Abhi teen maheene pehle tak to khincha-taani, gaali-vaali, non-veg jokes, project-work … sab chalta tha and now suddenly they think I don’t remember them !! And if this is supposed to be a sarcastic remark then – Thank You Very Much … I can do without such remarks. Vaise bhi agar hamaara ek maheene tak out-of-contact rehna itna khatak raha tha to khud hi koshish kar lete contact karne ki. Humein bhi khushi hoti ke bhai humein bhi koi itna yaad karta hai ! But what is this “Do you remember me ?” stuff. C’mon guys … lets act like grown ups and cut this “Aunty-style” talk.


What women want?

Actually the question on my mind is, “What do gals look at?” Now I don’t want to give an impression of being a pervert (of all things !!) but being a guy (an ELIGIBLE bachelor … to be specific, ahem) myself, I know what guys OGLE at while standing on street-sides in practically every city of India Mahaan. This in no way implies that I indulge in the afore-mentioned activity too ( … err … OK … wipe off that ‘all-knowing-smile’ from your face … i do … some of the times! Happy ?!)  Well, males are bio-logically programmed to ‘look’ while females are wired to ‘feel & sense’, but still females have GOT to ogle at SOMETHING. The thought never came to me that what might ‘interest’ the fairer sex?

This worm of a question started wriggling in the murky part of my brain after reading a similar post on FlowOfThoughts blog. Various theories propounded there simmer down to :
– Sense of humor
– Intelligence
– Compassion
– Constant attention
– Neat, groomed looks

Top four points attest well to the theory of women more prone to ‘feel & sense’. Only the last point i.e. Neat, groomed looks is obvious from a distance. But how in the world am i supposed to ‘show’ my sense of humor, intelligence and compassion to someone who is looking at me from 20 mtrs !!! Maybe I need to first slip on a banana peel (humor), stand up and scratch my head while grinning (intelligence) and put the banana peel in a dustbin nearby so that no one else slips (compassion) !!! And through-out this ritual, I must be attentive that NOBODY in the FOV has missed the spectacle of me making an ass of myself !! A prompt encore is must on demand to further reinforce my qualities ! Somebody got another idea?!

Bye bye summer

OK bhai log, its official. Summer apun log ko tata bol rayela hai aur Winter aa rayela hai bindaaaas. Abhi bole to apun ko kaise maaloom?!! Vo aisa hai ke apun ko saal mein do time jukaam lagna hiich hota hai. 1 time sardi aane pe aur 1 time sardi jaane pe ! To aajkal apun ko vo sardi ke aane ke time waala jukaam ho rakha hai. Saans lene ka kaam bhi mooh se hiich lena pad raha hai ! Pan koi vandaa nai … ye do-teen din ka hi locha hai … fir uske baad to sab mast hai. Apun ko vaise bhi India ka summer maafik nai baithta hai. To tum sab log abhi apna chota kapda peti mein phenko aur mota kapda nikalo diraee-kleenar ke paas. Aur vo diraee-kleenar jiyaasti ka shaan-patti karta hai to ek kheench ke dene ka hai kaan ke neeche. BHAI log hai apun … kyaaaa?!! Cheer daalenge faaaar daalenge. Laash ko bhi diraee-kleen kar ke Dubai bhej daaalenge. Kyaaaa! Samajhti nai hai baat ko, Aa jaati hai raat ko.

P.S. – Uh-oh, lagta hai zayada ho gaya … oops ! :o/

Lorem ipsum

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Maecenas auctor, wisi ut malesuada hendrerit, turpis metus lobortis wisi, at adipiscing augue lectus eget est. Nulla facilisi. Aenean nonummy elit non elit. Proin metus dolor, fringilla non, ultrices ut, rhoncus sed, tortor. Nullam lorem lectus, auctor non, nonummy quis, cursus eget, neque. Mauris in purus ac massa euismod pretium. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Aenean congue eros et elit. Morbi diam dui, iaculis vitae, malesuada non, dignissim non, dui. Morbi libero ipsum, molestie in, interdum at, faucibus a, velit. Integer augue ipsum, lacinia in, cursus eget, hendrerit nec, arcu. Maecenas fermentum, lectus id tincidunt iaculis, eros augue condimentum libero, eu viverra ipsum sapien et dolor. Morbi lacus lacus, congue sit amet, malesuada ut, consectetuer at, velit. Duis nec dui."

Don’t lose your peace if you don’t understand a bit of what is typed above. It happenned so that Jindas wanted to have a new template for his blog. I remembered seeing sample templates made by NothingButZen and I had liked those. So I wanted to check’em out once again before suggesting them to Jindas. While checking out the samples I noticed that all six of’em had the same gibberish used as filler text. The gibberish started with “Lorem ipsum …”

In his section for blog newbies, ZEN has described ‘Lorem ipsum’ as standard filler-text used by designers ! I found that wonderful … I mean they have STANDARDIZED even the text to be used as fillers !!! I decided to do a Google search, and lo … … what I found … … A complete site dedicated to this ‘Lorem ipsum’ stuff !! They call it Lipsum.

Kuch Na Kaho – Movie review

Rating – 2/5

For guys, the only recommended reason for watching this dud is ‘Aishwarya’ … she is looking superb … as usual ! For some gals similarly, the reason can be ‘Abhishek’ … but I didn’t find him too good here. (Please note : This statement is NOT prompted by any jealousy ;O) ) The movie explores a fresh theme but the handling could have been a LOT better and we would have liked it better with a screen-play which is not clichéd. The climax scene is ooooozing of ‘Mahaantaa‘. The only saving grace is the music. I could hear people whistling and clapping for the title song. Abhishek needs better stuff in his movies if he doesn’t wants to change career in coming future.

Birthdays – blessing or curse?

Your first reaction on reading the title of this post might be “Curse ? What does he mean ‘curse’ ?? How can birthdays be a curse ???” Actually this post is prompted by a line I read on Jindas blog. It says “These birthday celebrations.. are not my cuppa tea.. what is so great in losing one year from ur total allotted stay on planet..”. Now I don’t know why exactly Jindas said this, but on its face value it seems like a pessimistic statement.

This has made me think that do we have predefined time on this planet ? Are our B’days merely reminders that our time is running out? That our end is coming nearer day-by-day ? Is our life just a clock on reverse timer ? … just like those digital clocks with red display on time-bombs where the number of zeros keep on increasing on the left? Should we live our life as if waiting for the end … for all the numbers to turn to zero?

Instead, shouldn’t we thank God at night for giving us ANOTHER wonderful day to LIVE, to experience some more of LIFE, to experience new FEELINGS, to see new SIGHTS, to be amongst our LOVED ones ?!!! Shouldn’t we rub our hands together and say to ourselves in glee, “Lets see what happens tomorrow!” Shouldn’t we push ourselves to see how long we live … and enjoy every moment of it?

It all depends on whether you wait for the morning with a smile on your lips … or with your fingers crossed.

9/11 – 2 years

From this day 2 years ago, the sound of the word ‘terrorism’ got a new face. The dust rising from the fall of ‘Twin Towers’ seemed to take the shape of Osama Bin Laden’s face … turban on head, fanatical sunken eyes, long beard, evil smirk. After a few minutes what remained was a huge pile of rubble, mouths agape, shouts and screams, every thing covered with ash.

Saw these pages, remembring the tragedy. You might want to see this too. May God put the perished souls to peace.