Birthdays – blessing or curse?

Your first reaction on reading the title of this post might be “Curse ? What does he mean ‘curse’ ?? How can birthdays be a curse ???” Actually this post is prompted by a line I read on Jindas blog. It says “These birthday celebrations.. are not my cuppa tea.. what is so great in losing one year from ur total allotted stay on planet..”. Now I don’t know why exactly Jindas said this, but on its face value it seems like a pessimistic statement.

This has made me think that do we have predefined time on this planet ? Are our B’days merely reminders that our time is running out? That our end is coming nearer day-by-day ? Is our life just a clock on reverse timer ? … just like those digital clocks with red display on time-bombs where the number of zeros keep on increasing on the left? Should we live our life as if waiting for the end … for all the numbers to turn to zero?

Instead, shouldn’t we thank God at night for giving us ANOTHER wonderful day to LIVE, to experience some more of LIFE, to experience new FEELINGS, to see new SIGHTS, to be amongst our LOVED ones ?!!! Shouldn’t we rub our hands together and say to ourselves in glee, “Lets see what happens tomorrow!” Shouldn’t we push ourselves to see how long we live … and enjoy every moment of it?

It all depends on whether you wait for the morning with a smile on your lips … or with your fingers crossed.


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