Remember me?

This is one question I hate coming from people like recent classmates ! I mean, I get a mail and the person goes like “Hi, I’m so-and-so. Remember me ? I was your classmate !” Or they SMS me and say “This is ME !! Naam to yaad hoga!” What the ****. Do they think I’ve got such a bad case of amnesia !! Abhi teen maheene pehle tak to khincha-taani, gaali-vaali, non-veg jokes, project-work … sab chalta tha and now suddenly they think I don’t remember them !! And if this is supposed to be a sarcastic remark then – Thank You Very Much … I can do without such remarks. Vaise bhi agar hamaara ek maheene tak out-of-contact rehna itna khatak raha tha to khud hi koshish kar lete contact karne ki. Humein bhi khushi hoti ke bhai humein bhi koi itna yaad karta hai ! But what is this “Do you remember me ?” stuff. C’mon guys … lets act like grown ups and cut this “Aunty-style” talk.


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