What women want?

Actually the question on my mind is, “What do gals look at?” Now I don’t want to give an impression of being a pervert (of all things !!) but being a guy (an ELIGIBLE bachelor … to be specific, ahem) myself, I know what guys OGLE at while standing on street-sides in practically every city of India Mahaan. This in no way implies that I indulge in the afore-mentioned activity too ( … err … OK … wipe off that ‘all-knowing-smile’ from your face … i do … some of the times! Happy ?!)  Well, males are bio-logically programmed to ‘look’ while females are wired to ‘feel & sense’, but still females have GOT to ogle at SOMETHING. The thought never came to me that what might ‘interest’ the fairer sex?

This worm of a question started wriggling in the murky part of my brain after reading a similar post on FlowOfThoughts blog. Various theories propounded there simmer down to :
– Sense of humor
– Intelligence
– Compassion
– Constant attention
– Neat, groomed looks

Top four points attest well to the theory of women more prone to ‘feel & sense’. Only the last point i.e. Neat, groomed looks is obvious from a distance. But how in the world am i supposed to ‘show’ my sense of humor, intelligence and compassion to someone who is looking at me from 20 mtrs !!! Maybe I need to first slip on a banana peel (humor), stand up and scratch my head while grinning (intelligence) and put the banana peel in a dustbin nearby so that no one else slips (compassion) !!! And through-out this ritual, I must be attentive that NOBODY in the FOV has missed the spectacle of me making an ass of myself !! A prompt encore is must on demand to further reinforce my qualities ! Somebody got another idea?!


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