[Sep 26, 2005] First entry to blog

Well … ‘Beta’ seems to be the ‘in’ thing right now … 360 degs Beta, gmail Beta, this Beta and that Beta … so I put a ‘Beta’ in this blog’s name too! It should remain there till 360 remains a ‘Beta’ … or till I’m done with it! This is MY blog after all and I have the liberty to name it however and whatever I wish. Anyway, a rose will smell as sweet as by any other name … such goes an immortal line by a mortal poet (you know who, don’t you) … or something like it (Arrre ‘bhavnaon ko samjho yaar’)

I intend to keep this blog as the continuation of my ‘Eyes of Calvin – Ver 2.0‘ blog which I was running earlier. Some how I couldn’t be a regular and now the site refuses to accept my password to let me in!! But not their fault entirely … I was away for almost an year!