[Jan 26, 2006] Auto EXPO

So a long time wish has been fulfilled. I’ve visited Auto Expo 2006 on Sunday, 15th Jan, finally. Had been planning to do this for a long time now … and it was great! Although we had to go through all the displays in less than 4 hours … but it was worth it.  The best was Yamaha stall where they had put their dirt bikes, formula bikes and one was a competition winning bike too. Then checked out the car&bike modification stalls … and got the dea for a ‘spinner’. Gurpret’s wish to visit Agra had to be postponed, though. Poor guy.

Yesterday was also cool … chatted for around an hour with Mallika and Jyoti. They are regulars at the parlour now. Had some snaps with’em too. Both of them seemed very down to earth … but as happens with all pros … couldn’t think of any thing besides singing to discuss. For some reason, they thought that i was a singer too! And as happens usually, Jyoti thought that she’d seen me somewhere! I said that it was maybe because i had a common looking face. She didn’t think so … and i took it as a compliment of course !


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