[Feb 03, 2006] RDB Effect

Watched Rang De Basanti today. Orient, where else?! Didn’t get tickets at the window so Sherry had to pull some strings! This is India meri jaan!

One of the most moving work i’ve seen in recent times. The best thing i liked was Aamir’s acting, of course, and the screenplay. Very nicely interwoven between the past and the present. This ‘past and present’ phrase reminds me of one dialogue from the movie 😉 And btw, dialogues were good too.

But the question remains in my mind that how long does the effect , or the message of the movie stays with you! Clapping while the dialogue is being given is alright but how many people will actually contemplate about the theme.

Will things change? CAN things change?! Or will film makers continue to interpret Bhagat, Aazad, Ashfaq, Ram, Durga in modern context, as done in this case? Will “Maar do” be the new catch phrase? Will ‘Singhanias’ of our society continue to be rest assured that law is in their briefcases? Will politicians be ever answerable to the public … and to the law? Will the new generation say no to the ‘tradition’ of corruption and really take the lead to be proactive by joining Police, Judiciary, Politics etc? Sherry asked me this and I said that things will improve as people become educated, aware, responsible. But then this thought occured to me. Have things improved in metros? Metros have the highest density of educated people … but are things better there? Corruption is still there, albeit behind a different mask, with a different face.

So what is the solution? “Line mein khada kar ke goli se uda do” ??? How many? Till when?