[Jun 09, 2006] My New K750i

My quest for a perfect mobile phone is over. After delibrating over Nokia 3230, 6680, N70, Moto Razr, O2 XDA-II, XDA II Mini and XDA Atom, I finally decided on Sony Ericsson K750i. Although it was nowhere in my initial research items, I instantly decided to go for it when I got to see its feature list.

The factors which were in consideration while I was in research mode, were –

  • Screen size (pixels)
  • Weight
  • Price (of course!)
  • PIM featres (Calendar and a To-Do list were essential)
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio/Video formats supported
  • USB flash drive, and
  • Camera features

Click on this link if you wish to see a side-by-side feature comparison. As you will see that K750i has an advantage in weight, phonebook, internal memory and camera megapixels. The features which I consider as bonus are FM radio, camera flash as night-light and camera auto-focus.

Now the cons … yes K750i has some cons too … ! The call drop rate is more than my previous phone, Nokia 3120. My office cafeteria is point-in-case (or case-in-point, however that is said). I used to have voice breakage when I took a call on Nokia set and occasional call drops too. But I’ve felt that K750i is dropping more calls and there is some hissing noise too!

The speaker phone volume is less as compared to Nokia handsets, but I won’t be using the speaker phone much for calls or music playback so it is okay with me.

Another issue worrying me is the longetivity of the joystick. SE phons are notorious for joystick problems. Although I have used Ericsson T68i whose joystick is working perfectly after so many years. But that is Ericsson … and this is Sony-Ericsson!

Now the disturbing news. The keypad of my K750i stopped working on the third day!!! I got my phone on May 27, 2006. I checked the phone features, the sound quality and the stuff and admittedly was quite glad about my decision to go for K750i. But on the morning of May 29, 2006, I was not able to stop the alarm in my sleep-induced-stupor. I did’nt think much of it and attributed it to the sleep-induced-stupor. Then there was an incoming call and I was not able to reject it. My sleep-induced-stupor was gone and with my eyes wide open, I realized that only 4 buttons of the keypad were responding to user-inputs (i.e. my frantic pressing). The joystick was only accepting press inputs, not nudge inputs.

Later in the day, I was consoled by guy at the service-centre and their assurance to replace my handset. I got the replacement on June 1, 2006. Till then I used T68i. BTW, the service-centre told me that they will be giving me a new handset but i’ll get to keep my existing accessories. I agreed because three days old accessories are as good as new for me, but was I supposed to get a box replacement?! Was I ripped?! Anyway, now, that I have got a new set, I’m enjoying the music features a lot and discovering shortcuts to avoid using the joystick as much as possible.

Well, nothing in this world is perfect. One has to decide how much of imperfection is acceptable.

P.S. – I plan to write about my user experience in detail later.


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