[Jun 17, 2006] Stuff I’m Doing With My K750i

I’m using my K750i for the following activities –

– Making Calls (of course)
– Listening music (Some tip and tricks …)
– Watching videos
– Net Surfing
(limited to Airtel Live service and Yahoo)
– PIM (Calendar + ToDo Lists + Notes)
– Reading Articles and Novels (currently reading Dan Brown-Angels & Demons)
– Clicking Photos
– Transfering files betwen Home and Office as Flash Drive

I’ve found these features to be most useful –

– Flash Light This is basically a LED light to be used as a flash with camera but as it can be kept on like a torch so I’m using it to find my way around the house when I come back late from work. I’ve made a shortcut to it in my Activity Menu for quick access. Another quick way to start the light is to slide open the camera shutter and press * (Bottom-left button)
– Active Screen It is possible to create a note in K750i and display it on the standby screen at all times. Open that note in the phone and select the More > Show In Standby option. I use this to show important ToDo items or Reminders so that I’m reminded of them everytime I use the phone.
– USB Charging I don’t need to carry a charger to my office bcause I carry my data-cable to office anyway.


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