[June 27, 2006] Created del.icio.us tag cloud

I had always wondered if Yahoo 360 supported tags, or even catagories for posts. But I’ve not found any such feature as yet in 360. I had heard/read a lot about del.icio.us tagging and thought that tag-clouds were cool and a very intuitive way to present content highlighting it with accosiated importance. So here is my latest addition to my 360 page 🙂

Edit: HTML Code from del.icio.us did not work 😦  The post editor did not allow to put me the script. But I’ve found a similar tag-cloud functionality from MyWebYahoo (I was expecting that, you see) so I’m trying the Yahoo tag-cloud now. If every thing goes fine then it should be visible here —

.myweb2badge{border:1px solid black;font:normal 90%/1.2em arial,verdana,helvetica,sans-serif;padding:10px;} .myweb2badge #taglist ul{margin:1em 0 !important;padding:0 !important;list-style:none !important;} .myweb2badge #taglist li{margin:0 !important;padding:0 !important;list-style:none;display:inline;} .myweb2badge #taglist li em {font-style:normal !important;} .myweb2badge em.one{font-size:100%;}.myweb2badge em.two{font-size:120%;}.myweb2badge em.three{font-size:140%;}.myweb2badge em.four{font-size:150%;}.myweb2badge em.five{font-size:170%;}

— but as you can see … no luck! If any one can figure this out then please let me know.


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