New job @ TCS

I joined at my new job as a DBA at TCS. All the things I’d ever heard about Delhi traffic and the travails of bus traveling are true! There is so much road construction going on and the rainy season makes the matters worse. Mud everywhere. The first two days when I had to travel from Delhi to Gurgaon were the most tiring. I didn’t know which bus to board or where to jump off. Admittedly, I was helped a lot by co-passengers.

On my first day, 26th July, I had to reach Hauzkhas from Vasant Vihar. I wore my new Carlton London cherry shoes. A mistake a realized later because they were drenched in the downpour. It was raining like anything and I was already late. I took an auto. The autowallah was a nice guy from southern India. Though he overcharged me but dropped me right in front of the office where I had to meet Nitin. Nitin was not in office when I reached. He was stuck in traffic somewhere. I didn’t mind. Met Smita in the mean time and had nice warm tea.

Nitin reached after 30 something minutes. He was much younger than I expected, but a genial guy. Had a brief chat and verified my documents. He gave me a form which I must have taken quite long to fill because he came twice in between to check if I was done. Any way, after I was done, Nitin said that we have to report at TCS the same day. He offered to drop me which I gladly accepted. We conversed about jobs, family, India tourism (!!!) etc. Although he said that he had not travelled much but at the same time related some fine details of forts in Rajasthan and Mumbai-Pune highway!

The TCS building in Gurgaon is called ‘Towers’ because two tower like multi-storey structures stand adjacent to each other. Connected by a bridge at fifth floor. Beautiful interiors. I had to get a visitor pass at the gate and had to ‘tail-gate’ at almost every door! Later I went to the other TCS office in GG2 for a while but came back to the Towers soon. All this time, it never stopped drizzling.

Now it is a learning thing till the guy I have to replace is there. But the learning basically never stops, does it?


Themes for K750i

Some of my past themes. Click to enlarge.

These are some of the the themes which I’ve used for my K750i. Do you recognize the top-left one? It is the theme used by Sony Ericsson for the promos of K750i. Has it ever occured to you to ‘actually’ use this theme?! You can get this classic theme by clicking here. Any way, some of my favourite web-sites for K750i related themes or other software are,, and Do leave a comment if you know of any other nice links.

Birthday Boy, Me !


Happy Birth Day

to Me !!

Tips for K750i (Music)

I’ve been listening to MP3s a lot on K750i. Some notes and tips –

The supplied head phones are very good. Fit nicely in my ears. Bass output is also good especially when MegaBass is on. I just need to plug in the USB cable in the computer and it recognises K750i  as a flash drive. I can browse/cut/copy/paste contents to and fro the memory card and the Windows File Explorer. So all I have to do is that find the MP3s files on my computer and copy/paste them in the \MP3 folder or in \MSSEMC\Media files\audio in the memory card. Simple.

The inbuilt Media Player shows the files in Artist-Title format. So if you want your playlist to look neat and clean then right-click on the MP3 Properties>Summary>Advanced and change the Artist value to the artist name, album name or whatever you want to display in the playlist. Then change the Title value to the song name.

Tip :-
– You will need to change the Title value individually for each file but you can give a common Artist value to multiple files. Keep the CTRL pressed and select the related files with the mouse. Then right-click Properties>Summary>Advanced and change the Artist value. This will be applied to all the files.
– Another tip you might find useful. Create folders according to artist/album on the phone memory card. Then while creating playlists on the phone, you can select the folder and all the files will be put in the playlist.

This seems to be a lot of work but I don’t mind doing this coz it helps me keep my playlist neat. This will be also helpful in sorting the list by Artist or Title.

To Do :-
– Try playing  .M3U playlist files. Have’nt tried this. UPDATE: M3U does not play
– Finetune media synchronization with Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player has synchronization feature with portable devices. I’ve tried using it and it put files on the root of the memory card or in a Music folder. Both these are not acceptable coz phone plays files only from \MP3 folder or \MSSEMC\Media files\audio folder. I’ll try again and post updates. I’m surprized this topic is not discussed in any forum! UPDATE: The folder issue has been sorted out. Details in next post.

Deadly sins? Really?

“So many people/so many creeds,
So many paths that wind and wind,
While just the art of being kind,
Is all the sad world needs.”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I came across this article [Deadly Sins] by Khushwant Singh, a renowned Indian author, who has a talent of writing in simple vocabulary. In this particular piece, he writes about the so-called 7 sins in Christianity and 5 sins in Hinduism. The seven Christian deadlies are pride, lechery, envy, anger, covetousness, gluttony and sloth. The Indian list has kaam (lust), krodh (anger), lobh (greed), moh (love or attachment) and ahankaar (arrogance).

Are they really so bad for humanity that they could be termed as ‘sins’ ?! How come that both these religions don’t include ‘violence’ in these lists of sins? Should’nt hurting a fellow being be considered sinful? Although we all consider violence as morally incorrect, but putting it in this list would might help end much misery from the world which we live in.

July 5, 2006

Budding Sprout

Editable MS-Word Template for Pocketmod

Preview of the template

Preview image.
Download MS Word Doc. No macros are used in the document.
Folding instructions for reference.


Ever since I discovered GTD (Getting Things Done), a technique advocated by David Allen to increase personal productivity and time management, I had tried putting it to use in many forms. I even tried using my Sony Ericsson K750i with its 1.8″ screen but that required too many buttons to push and didn’t provide a uniform view. As I don’t have a PDA, so I was looking for alternatives which suit my lifestyle and requirements. Moleskins, Hipster PDA etc are too bulky for me. I needed something affordable and handy to take my notes and Next Actions.

Then I came across and have been a fan ever since. Pocketmod is a small 8-page booklet made by folding paper, usually A4 size. The booklet can be customized to have ToDo lists, calendar, notes, story boards, sheet music, paper based games etc on each page. The Pocketmod website provides a Flash utility (online and stand-alone versions are available) which offers some nicely designed templates. Some people have come up with some more page ideas to further compliment the existing collection of templates. Pocketmod is virtually free (just the cost of paper and toner), looks cool and is very handy.

But there was one thing about the Pocketmod that I wanted to change. Each time I printed a fresh one from the Pocketmod website, I had to copy all my old stuff to the new one by hand. I wanted the ability to save my lists to avoid writing them all over again with every fresh print. A printed list looks better too. I searched on the Internet but nothing for me. So I’ve decided to design my own and share it with Pocketmod fans. You can edit your lists/appointments/stuff, save it on your computer and then print it.

This template has the following pages –

  1. Front page for brief contact info or a favorite image
  2. To-Do lists for home and office
  3. Reminders for phone calls, emails and ideas for blog
  4. Wishlist/Shopping List
  5. Two single lined pages for taking notes etc
  6. Weekly calendar (the dates need to be changed manually, though)

I designed this for myself and your needs might be different so you can edit the template as you wish and maybe forward it to me too. Or drop me a mail about what you think about it. Till then, Enjoy!

Post edit: If you find my template too “complex” then there is a simple one available too here.