[July 02, 2006] Template for a Pocketmod

Ever since I discovered GTD, a technique advocated by David Allen to increase personal productivity and time management, I had tried putting it to use in many forms. Even tried using my Sony Ericsson K750i but that required too many buttons to push and didn’t provide a uniform view. As I don’t have a PDA, so I was looking for alternatives which suit my lifestyle and requirements. Moleskins, Hipster PDA etc are too bulky for me. I needed something affordable and handy to take my notes and ‘next actions’.

I came across PocketMod.com and have been a fan ever since. This website provides a Flash utility which offers some nicely designed templates for To-Do lists, planners, calendars, simple games, formulas etc to be printed out on an A4 size paper which folds into a small 8-page booklet. Its cheap, looks cool and very handy. But the geek I am, I wanted MORE ! I wanted the ability to get my next actions to be printed instead of being written by hand. PocketMod team is working on that functionality yet but I couldn’t wait. I guessed someone must have created some utility to do that already or at least a Word template. I looked on the Net but nothing for me. So I’ve decided to design my own and share it with PocketMod fans 🙂

Click here to go to my new blog to download the template in DOC format.

I designed this for myself and your needs might be different so you can edit the template as you wish and maybe forward it to me also. Or drop me a mail about what you think about it. Till then, Enjoy!


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