My First Post!

Well, the title of this post is misleading because this isn’t exactly my first post! First post in WordPress, yes … but first post as a blogger, no. I’ve been maintaining a blog called EyesOfCalvin at RediffBlogs earlier but some how my login requests were being denied. I’m sure I had not forgotten my password, but the fact was that I have not been able to post another entry.

I guess I really liked that blog. I think there were some withdrawl symptoms too initially … palpitations, nausea … you know what I mean, don’t you?! After all, that blog had given me some friends, I had invested time into it in the form of content, template designs and the chutzpah et all. And one day I find something akin to ‘Invalid Password‘ snip at my umbilical cord with the blog! Was the red color of the font some thing symbolic? Like dripped in the blood of my murdered aspirations! Of course, I was not expecting to be nominated for Pulitzer or something for my ranting about ‘Saas Bahu’ serials, but still, it was my blog!

Maybe WordPress will be more forgiving. Maybe this rebirth will last longer. Maybe I will discover something about Life … about myself … ‘my’ ‘self’ ! Maybe … …

Abe bahut ho gaya abhi tera natak. Abhi jyada Shakespeare mat ban aur line pe aaja” (I guess I’ve already discovered some of my real self!


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