Stuff I’m Doing With My K750i

I’m using my K750i for the following activities –
– Making Calls
– Listening music Tip
– Watching videos Tip
– Net Surfing limited to Airtel Live service and Yahoo
– PIM ie Calendar Tip+To-Do Lists+Notes
– Reading Articles and Novels now reading Dan Brown-Angels & Demons
– Clicking Photos
– Transferring files between Home and Office as Flash Drive

I’ve found these features to be most useful –
– Flash Light This is basically a LED light to be used as a flash with camera but as it can be kept on like a torch so I’m using it to find my way around the house when I come back late from work. I’ve made a shortcut to it in my Activity Menu for quick access. Another quick way to start the light is to slide open the camera shutter and press * (Bottom-left button)
– Active ScreenIt is possible to create a note in K750i and display it on the standby screen at all times. Open that note in the phone and select the More > Show In Standby option. I use this to show important To-Do items or Reminders so that I’m reminded of them every time I use the phone.
– USB ChargingI don’t need to carry a charger to my office because I carry my data-cable to office anyway.


9 Responses to “Stuff I’m Doing With My K750i”

  1. Amitabh Says:

    i have an airltel prepaid a/c and a k750i. can u mail me the steps on how to configure airtel live.

    i tried the steps at, its not working? can i get the setting OTA

  2. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Amitabh,
    I could not access Airtel Live too inspite of manually doing the settings thrice with customer care executives. Later while fiddling my self I found that Internet Mode should be WAP … not HTTP in Internet Profiles settings. Airtel executives kept telling me that there was a hardware problem with my phone!!! Try doing the settings with the customer care execs and then change the Internet mode to WAP. Lemme know if this worked, otherwise mail me you email id for complete settings.

  3. Paul Says:

    i have a k750i, can you e-mail me how to put songs from my computer to my phone

  4. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Please refer to …
    … for the procedure. If more info is required then feel free to mail me or leave a comment.


  5. Sagar Thaker Says:


    I was wondering which tool are you using to read atricles and novel on you K750i?



  6. Thomas Says:

    Hi Could you tell me which tool you are using to read novels and where i can get it?


  7. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Sagar, Thomas,

    Please read this post for details about reading stuff on your K750i.

  8. bob Says:

    R5B1wB hi great site thx

  9. DONGLE Says:


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