Tips for K750i (Calendar & Video)

Calendar: I found an annoying thing about the calendar feature in K750i. The calendar application provides no way to put a recurring appointment like birthdays, anniversaries etc. The calendar application on Nokia series 60 phones is a lot more user friendly. Nokia phones allow recurrent appointments and also show a brief event text at the top while in month view. It becomes frustrating in K750i when I have to click open each day to check out the appointments. The development guys at SE should look into it. Anyway, as far as the recurrent appointment is concerned, I am giving you 3 workarounds-

  1. Create a recurrent appointment on a Nokia phone and send to K750i via bluetooth or IR. K750i saves it as a recurrent appointment! Simple isn’t it?!
  2. Create your recurrent appointments in Outlook and sync the phone with Outlook. All appointments will saved on phone appropriately.
  3. Suppose you want to save John’s birthday. Create a dummy entry for John in phone book with bogus phone number. Save this entry and again come back to edit this contact entry. In the edit mode, the last tab option is for Info and Birthday. Edit the bith date here and save. You will be prompted to save it to calendar. Select ‘Yes’ and it will be saved as a recurrent event. You can delete the phone book entry safely with out affecting the calendar entry. For other purposes, you can use a descriptive name like ‘Ron’s Wedding’ or ‘Insurance Premium’ instead of John.

Video: A very less discussed feature in K750i is its ability to take screenshots from video files. Pause a running video and press [More] > [Capture Frame]. The screenshot will be saved in phone memory. The only limitation is that the picture will of 176×144 resolution. It is not possible to take screeshots in full-screen horizontal mode i.e. 220×176 resolution.

Have you ever felt the need to watch some part of a video in slow-motion? Well, its possible in K750i. While watching a video, move the joystick down. The frame rate will slow down. To continue playing at normal speed, press [Play]. Video can not be slow-motioned in full-screen mode, but once it is in slow-motion, it can be turned full-screen by pressing [More] > [Full Screen]

If you want to see your video even slower then pause the video. Now move the joy-stick down. With every downwards movement of the joy-stick, the video will advance one frame.


43 Responses to “Tips for K750i (Calendar & Video)”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Why do these functions not work for my K750i?
    How do you pause a video? The only option I have is stop. Also the slow motion technique does not work for me.

  2. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Nathan,
    The left menu Select button shows the Pause option while a video is playing on my phone. You may not be able to pause the video because of the difference in the software version of our K750i. My version is R1BC002. To find out your software version do > * < < * < * where ‘<‘ and ‘>’ย are left and right nudge on your joystick and ‘*’ is the lower left button on the keypad. You will find a Service Info screen with four options. Click on the Software Info menu and check out the first line. Thats the software version on your phone. You can update the software on your phone yourself by visiting Sony Ericsson Update site.

  3. sujith Says:

    how long i can take video in k750 ?. While i am taking video i can capture only 10 seconds in it. what i should do to get a long time video capturing.

  4. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Sujith,
    I can make a video as much free memory I have on my phone or my memory card. Time duration is not the limit, only available memory matters. Maybe you are running low on memory. Check the free space in your phone by pressing any volume button while in main screen. Or go to Menu>File Manager>More>Memory Status. Now while the camera is active, go to Settings>SaveTo, and select the option where more memory is available. Maybe this will solve your problem. If this issue is still there then your might be having an older version of software. You can get it updated at any nearest Sony Ericsson Authorised Service Centre or yourself from Sony Ericsson Update Service if you have a computer and Internet.

  5. Josh Says:

    hey, i can transfer videos from my pc to my K750 but they won’t play. help me please! i can see the file in the videos menu but it has a blue diamond next to it.

    thanks josh

  6. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Josh,
    SE K750i media-player supports only two video formats for playback, 3GP and MP4. MP4 is a relatively new format and has better clarity. So the first thing you should check is the file type of the videos you transfered to you phone. They are most probably AVI, MPG, MPEG (*.DAT), DIVX etc so unfortunately they will not play in your phone. That is why the icon has a ‘blue diamond’ which is standard for any file type not supported by SE K750i.

    Now the recourse for this situation is – get videos in *.3GP or *.MP4 format OR convert your videos in these formats yourself using any free tool from Internet. 3GP convertors are available as freeware but I’m not aware of any such freeware MP4 convertor. Demo versions will allow you to convert first 5 mins of your video to MP4. I have read somewhere that latest paid version of Nero has MP4 conversion feature. If you find out any freeware then I’ll be glad to know myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Eric Says:

    Hi guys. I am getting the k750i within a week. This phone sounds great ๐Ÿ™‚ i just wanted to know whether it is slow…like for example …to write a text message. because my current phone (SE t290i) is slow…in the sense that the letters show after the buttons are pressed and everything happens like a second later :/ and if it is like that…can i update it in anyway? thx ๐Ÿ˜‰ Eric

  8. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Eric,
    Well, I primarily use T9 input while typing a SMS and didn’t find the key response time or the auto suggestions to be slow. In fact, I like the idea that I can grow the inbuilt dictionary by adding new words eg acronyms, abbreviations etc. Also, you can insert SE supplied animated picture in your SMS which will show in recipients phone if that is a SE too.

  9. Sam Says:


    I was just wondering how to transfer pictures that i have taken with the phones memory back to my memory card, as this was forgotten over the weekend and ive lost the cable to transfer via that. so please tell me there some way to get them back on my memory card from the phone memory!!! Thanks alot.

  10. pindiwala Says:

    Great suggestions regarding recurrent appointments.
    very good.
    thx for your help

  11. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Pindiwala,
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Sam,
    I will elaborate this a bit in the interest of other readers. The discussion below is applicable for all types of files. From what I understand, your problem is that you have few pictures in your phone-memory which you want to transfer to your computer using a data-cable. When your K750i is connected to your computer, you can’t find the pictures!
    The reason for this is that while connected via data-cable, there are two restrictions –
    1) The computer shows only memory-card files.
    2) The phone shows only phone-memory files, you can’t access the memory-card files.
    The longer way out will be to install the PC suite for K750i. You can get it on the CD which comes with your phone or you can get the latest version at Sony Ericsson site.
    The shorter way is to transfer the files from phone-memory to the memory-card and THEN transfering to a computer normally. This is easy. First, make sure that your phone is NOT connected via data-cable to a computer. Then browse to Main Menu > File Manager > Pictures folder to see the pictures. You can see the current location of the picture by looking at the icon in front of the picture name at the top of the screen. A white colored icon similar to a SIM card means memory-card and a bluish colored icon similar to a mobile phone means phone-memory. Click on More > Mark > Mark several. Now browse to all the required pictures while keeping an eye on the icon at top and click on Mark. You will see a check-mark on every picture which you have marked. After marking the required pictures, click on More > Manage files > Move to ext. mem (or Copy to ext. mem, as per your reqirement). All the marked files will be moved/copied depending on the space available on memory-card. Now you can connect your phone with a data-cable to your computer and copy paste the pictures normally in file explorer.

  12. Mike Says:

    I would please like to know how to transfer videos (in mp4 format) to my k750i. I have downloaded a few videos of mp4 format, however i don’t know what to do next. When i search for the video on my pc, i can’t find it. Can someone please let me know what to do.

  13. m afarid Says:

    hi man
    i have problem with my k750 . when i take a foto resolution less than vga Camera .

  14. Sunny Says:

    If you want to record a lengthy video in SE K750i there is a way. Press o(zero) button when the time is reaching 8 sec and hold it until it crosses 10 sec mark then u can record the video for a longer period of time provided u have memory.

  15. Sunny Says:

    Are you sure you’ve downloaded the videos to ur hard disk? and remember the path where it has been downloaded? You might have got a USB data cable with ur phone, you can use it to transfer the data from pc to your mobile. For this you can download a software called “My Phone Explorer”. You can find it on the net and the best thing is its freeware. You can do lot of things using this software. You dont have to type a lengthy msgs you can just copy the text and paste them in the msg box in the software and send it. Download the software and i bet you’ll love it and won’t regret.

  16. DDevil Says:

    You don’t have to press 0 (zero) to make longer videos than 10 seconds!

    If you go into the Video-Mode and then Options you can change to “High Quality Video” (not video for MMS, they are only 10 sec) under the option with these three rectangles.
    (Sorry I’m german, in germany it’s “Aufnahmemodus”)

    Then you can make Videos as long as you and your Mobile’s memory want!

  17. Andrey Says:

    Actually one can set the birthday of every contact. See the tabs when editing the contact details (phones) – move the stick right few times. I suppose it will give some notification when the birthday is reached.

  18. john Says:

    I can put mp4 videos on my k750i but it displays a red screen and i can only hear sound? is my phone broken?

  19. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Sunny/Ddevil
    I have not tried the “press 0” technique for longer videos but the tip by DDEVIL is a practical one.

  20. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Andrey
    It is true that every contact has a birthday entry in the Info tab. While putting a birthday there the phone asks if you want to save it to the calendar. If you select YES then the date is saved in the contact info field AND a calendar entry is marked for that day. If you select NO then the date is stored in the contact info field only. In either case, no automatic alarm/notification is given for the event. If you need an alarm then you have to specify this in your calendar entry.

  21. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi John
    Well, I have not encountered this situation myself. Have you tried playing videos from a different source? Maybe the videos that you have are encoded in a format (bitrate, framerate, resolution, compression etc) which is not supported by the K750i media player. There have been some instances when I could not play some WAV files even though WAV format is supported by K750i. So I suggest you get your MP4 videos from a different source or encode them with different settings if doing yourself.

    I got the following “recommendations” for videos format from this document from SonyEricsson developer site-

    Streaming video recommendations
    The following content parameters are recommended as a baseline for testing. They should provide excellent quality for the screen size and processing power of the Sony Ericsson mobile phones.
    Supported frame sizes are QCIF (176×144 pixels) and SQCIF (128×96 pixels).
    โ€ข 32 Kbps, Video MPEG-4 or H.263, QCIF or SQCIF, 15 fps, Audio AMR 12.2 Kbps
    โ€ข Audio only: AAC, 42 Kbps
    Download / local playback:
    โ€ข 64 Kbps, Video MPEG-4 or H.263, QCIF or SQCIF, 15 fps, Audio AAC 64 Kbps mono
    โ€ข Short clips (less than 30 seconds): 64 Kbps total (video with Variable Bit Rate, VBR, with or without audio)

    All this means that you should limit your videos to 176×144 pixels, 64kbps for video and 64 kbps for mono audio.

    You can get numerous tutorials on how to encode MP4 videos using Nero Recode from Google or some guides and software at AfterDawn

  22. Vasilije Says:

    I can record only 30 seconds of video. I have all memory free. What is problem?

  23. Vasilije Says:

    I can record only 30 seconds of video. I have all memory free.

  24. robin Says:

    I just found my self a little programe called my phone explorer.
    With this you can since youe calender to Rainlendar wich is a nice and easy to use desktop calender. if you like things simple and free go check these products out there great. the explorer is much better than the ericson one ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Vasilije
    I can think of two reasons for your problem-
    1) The free memory which you have mentioned is on the memory stick but the video is being saved to the phone memory, which may not have all that free space (or vice versa).
    SOLUTION: Open the camera in video mode. Go to Settings > Save To menu option and select the location where you have maximum free memory.
    2) Your shoot mode might be set as Picture Message. This limits the duration of the videos to 10 secs (176×144) and 14 secs (128×96) in my phone.
    SOLUTION: Open the camera in video mode. Go to Settings > Shoot Mode and select the High Quality Video option. Also verify the location as in item (1) above.

    Hi Robin
    I have read about Phone Explorer earlier too but have not tried it yet. Will post about my experience whenever I do that though. Thanks for the link anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Joe Says:

    The only way i have found of uploading my videos easyly from my k750i is through bluetooth but i can only get the videos to play with no sound…can you please help me i REALLY want to stoor my videos (with sound) on my pc but i dont know how to…

  27. steve Says:

    Hi when i bluetooth a video from my v630I to my sons K750I i only get sound (the screen goes red) but if i send the same file to my other sons phone (a samsung D600) it is perfect. Any clues please

  28. steve Says:

    No 27
    sorry forgot to say they are 3gp format

  29. claver Says:

    hi,just wanted to know what is the video capture rate and playback rate for the k750i?

  30. Janielle Says:

    just wanted to know if it would be ok for me to buy a 1gig memory stick for my k750i. would my phone recognize it even if i buy the same brand and size momry card? the current memory is way too small for my music.

  31. zaeo Says:

    To Janielle

    Of course you can, I buy a 2giga memory stick pro duo for my K750i. They say you could even use a 4 Gigabyte memory stick pro duo if you update the firmware but I never tried that…

    The point is, the memory stick format must same: “Memory stick pro duo”. Don’t buy/use memory stick pro (not duo) or memory stick micro M2 because they will not get in into your memory slot ๐Ÿ™‚

    The different brand is ok. I myself using SANDISK brand…

    And sorry for my English, I hope its helpful.

  32. Teaser Says:

    How can i see my mobile K750i’s software version?
    Please help me.

  33. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Teaser
    Please look at this post for the method to find your phone’s software version and a lot of other information too.

  34. Ricky Says:

    had a problem with the phone could not record over 10 sec read this and took the advive of changing the setting over the shoot mode from mms to high quality works fine now thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. deepesh Says:

    i put movies in k750i.and when i play it,it just plays for 10mis or less even and after it starts like scratch in cd no sound just pictures in very slow motion

  36. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Deepesh
    What is the video format in which you are putting your videos? 3GPP or MP4?

    3GPP videos are not high quality and I have almost similar problem in viewing long videos in 3GPP format. The screen starts showing green patches and after some time only the video freezes and just the audio is there.

    If you are converting your videos on your own then I recommend you try converting to MP4 format. If you are finding these from Internet then try getting in MP4 format.

    I would like to know if you see any improvement. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Arun Says:

    Am using k750…I was convert a 20minute video into both 3gp and mp4 by xilisoft video converter(full version), and copy to my 750i…I start playing..and after few seconds the video become very jumpy and lost its sound..where is the problem ? its bitrate? or in conversion?…I need ur urgent help…

  38. brad Says:

    My K750i keep on losing files that i transferred via computer memory card slot.I’m using 2GB pro duo which is working fine,i took the card out of the phone,use the adaptor to put into the computer memory card socket,transferred some movies in mp4 and music in mp3.When i put the memory card back to the phone and check out whether all sent items are there, then i can’t find a single took away the memory space but there’s no way i can find where it went..felt really frustrated..anybody can help me with it???

  39. Arvind Says:

    i have S.E. K750i, i unable to recod my clip IN MPEG-4 format, when i going to record, its makes 3gp. so, tell me how i can record my clip in MPEG-4 FORMAT.

  40. James Says:

    I can also recommend a cool app for Sonyโ€™s. Itโ€™s called i-Citizen and it came out recently. Itโ€™s the worldโ€™s first 3D world and the k800 works like a charm on it. Its fun to play and you can meet people and chat to them as you might have guessed. They have promotions where they give away PS3โ€™s and Xboxes to people in a place called i-Bid in the app. Its beta release was announced in March 2008 and anyone can give it a try. You can get it from your mobiles browser or your pc by going to or goto

  41. Bob Evans Says:

    To take a longer video on the K750i, go to settings while in video mode, choose shoot mode and then set it to “High quality video” I have just done this and I can take a long video.Also make sure the memory card is where you store the video.

  42. Asad Says:

    Is there any way to take large size videos on se k750i.
    any other mobile taht supports it and optical zoom.

  43. ganpat Says:

    my cell sony ericsson k750i in problems mp3 and 3gp video automatic remove/delete please suggest me.

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