Tips for K750i (Music)

I’ve been listening to MP3s a lot on K750i. Some notes and tips –

The supplied head phones are very good. Fit nicely in my ears. Bass output is also good especially when MegaBass is on. I just need to plug in the USB cable in the computer and it recognises K750i  as a flash drive. I can browse/cut/copy/paste contents to and fro the memory card and the Windows File Explorer. So all I have to do is that find the MP3s files on my computer and copy/paste them in the \MP3 folder or in \MSSEMC\Media files\audio in the memory card. Simple.

The inbuilt Media Player shows the files in Artist-Title format. So if you want your playlist to look neat and clean then right-click on the MP3 Properties>Summary>Advanced and change the Artist value to the artist name, album name or whatever you want to display in the playlist. Then change the Title value to the song name.

Tip :-
– You will need to change the Title value individually for each file but you can give a common Artist value to multiple files. Keep the CTRL pressed and select the related files with the mouse. Then right-click Properties>Summary>Advanced and change the Artist value. This will be applied to all the files.
– Another tip you might find useful. Create folders according to artist/album on the phone memory card. Then while creating playlists on the phone, you can select the folder and all the files will be put in the playlist.

This seems to be a lot of work but I don’t mind doing this coz it helps me keep my playlist neat. This will be also helpful in sorting the list by Artist or Title.

To Do :-
– Try playing  .M3U playlist files. Have’nt tried this. UPDATE: M3U does not play
– Finetune media synchronization with Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player has synchronization feature with portable devices. I’ve tried using it and it put files on the root of the memory card or in a Music folder. Both these are not acceptable coz phone plays files only from \MP3 folder or \MSSEMC\Media files\audio folder. I’ll try again and post updates. I’m surprized this topic is not discussed in any forum! UPDATE: The folder issue has been sorted out. Details in next post.


7 Responses to “Tips for K750i (Music)”

  1. Chris Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on how you use your K750i. Were you able set up Windows Media Player to sync to the folder structure \MP3 folder or \MSSEMC\Media files\audio folder? Or are you using ‘manual’ drag and drop from explorer?

  2. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Chris,
    I can use any of the folders while syncing. The only thing to keep in mind is to select, and thus highlight, the folder in the right window pane I wish to sync to.

  3. Mehrdad Says:

    Do you know of any way that i could sync my music to k750i using WMP10 while changing fotmat/bitrates of files.I can’t do that because those options are disabled!!Please inform me if you know!

  4. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Mehrdad
    Did you mean that you want to copy your songs directly to your K750i while ripping the CDs to MP3/WMA?

    I regret to say that I’m not aware of the solution to your problem yet as I’ve not tried syncing while changing bit rates myself. I’ll let you know if I find out something about it.

  5. Mehrdad Says:

    Thanks for your quick response,
    What I mean is that I want to sync my music(stored in Hard Disc) to k750i thru WMP10,changing the format/bit rates setting to my wish.
    I can’t do so because the music format/bit rates settings of WMP sync feature(WMP options-Devices-k750i-Properties)are disabled.I need to change these settings and lower the bit rates so that I can put more songs on the k750i Memory Stick.
    I really appreciate if you help me to resolve this problem,

  6. happy Says:

    can i play avi divx video on my k750i is there any software for and where to get it

  7. Overheal Says:

    is there a wma codec/plugin I can get for the k750i? 10gb of my 13gb collection are Wmas and it is a royal pain to convert those during the sync.

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