New job @ TCS

I joined at my new job as a DBA at TCS. All the things I’d ever heard about Delhi traffic and the travails of bus traveling are true! There is so much road construction going on and the rainy season makes the matters worse. Mud everywhere. The first two days when I had to travel from Delhi to Gurgaon were the most tiring. I didn’t know which bus to board or where to jump off. Admittedly, I was helped a lot by co-passengers.

On my first day, 26th July, I had to reach Hauzkhas from Vasant Vihar. I wore my new Carlton London cherry shoes. A mistake a realized later because they were drenched in the downpour. It was raining like anything and I was already late. I took an auto. The autowallah was a nice guy from southern India. Though he overcharged me but dropped me right in front of the office where I had to meet Nitin. Nitin was not in office when I reached. He was stuck in traffic somewhere. I didn’t mind. Met Smita in the mean time and had nice warm tea.

Nitin reached after 30 something minutes. He was much younger than I expected, but a genial guy. Had a brief chat and verified my documents. He gave me a form which I must have taken quite long to fill because he came twice in between to check if I was done. Any way, after I was done, Nitin said that we have to report at TCS the same day. He offered to drop me which I gladly accepted. We conversed about jobs, family, India tourism (!!!) etc. Although he said that he had not travelled much but at the same time related some fine details of forts in Rajasthan and Mumbai-Pune highway!

The TCS building in Gurgaon is called ‘Towers’ because two tower like multi-storey structures stand adjacent to each other. Connected by a bridge at fifth floor. Beautiful interiors. I had to get a visitor pass at the gate and had to ‘tail-gate’ at almost every door! Later I went to the other TCS office in GG2 for a while but came back to the Towers soon. All this time, it never stopped drizzling.

Now it is a learning thing till the guy I have to replace is there. But the learning basically never stops, does it?


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