Eureka: found a bug in K750i !!

Ever recieved a call on your K750i while the camera is on? Well, try it ! he he he *evil Tom grin with arched eyebrows and hunched shoulders*

Do you like what you see? Hmmmm? 😉


4 Responses to “Eureka: found a bug in K750i !!”

  1. Actionary Says:

    Yes, I tried and I like what I saw. A new “window” opens and informs me about the incoming call. So what? Where’s the bug?

  2. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Actionary,

    Well, when I recieve a call with my camera working, the display screen is rotated 90 degrees clockwise. That is, I have to tilt my phone horizontally (as while clicking pictures) to read the call information. The functionality of the buttons does not change. It seems that this did not happen in your case, which could be due to difference in the software version. My K750i has R1BC002.

  3. rachael Says:

    i love that table!

  4. napster Says:

    I think that this guy was just a noob…
    No bugs, no probs…..

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