India Gate and Book Fair (pictures)


Yours truly made a completely unplanned trip to India Gate. The ‘planned’ trip just had the Book Fair in Pragati Maidaan on the list. I visited India Gate for the first time. I was bit taken by surprise by the festive look about the area. I had expected it to be a place with somber environs due to its historical importance and the adjoining high security areas. But just imagine, children playing cricket in the lawns, besides numerous ‘kulfi-walas’ and ‘chana-walas’! Clicked some pics with my ever faithful K750i.

IndiaGateCloseup IndiaGate1 IndiaGateDog IndiaGateFlowers

The next stop was the book fair at Pragati Maidaan. At 5 rupees, the entry was cheap. Inside was a book lovers heaven, with books and tons of books all around with that aroma of fresh bindings. I bought two Urdu dictionaries which I had been looking for a long time now. Some more books are on my wishlist, if only I could get another chance to drop by before the fair is over.


Post Edit (September 27, 2006) – I managed to visit the fair again, although just in nick of time, I must say. I reached around 7:45 PM, in a rush. I had expected that the fair would be open till later than 8:30 PM, the official closing time, because of it being the last day. But it was the opposite. Almost all the stalls had packed up barring a few of fictional books. Some were offering their collection at Rs 100 a piece. A steal, considering some of the hardbacks which were on offer. I managed to find a James Clavell and three of Stephen King. Though the time was short, but the trip was worth it.

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One Response to “India Gate and Book Fair (pictures)”

  1. Just Mohit Says:

    Good pics…post brought back distant memories…of india…of delhi…of numerous book fairs…of the good times!
    Will visit again!

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