Dil Chahta Hai

The following post about the movie Dil Chahta Hai, was posted on my previous blog on Monday, July 28, 2003. I just wanted to put it here too …………………………………………………………………………………………


Saw some of it last night … and reaffirmed my belief that this is one movie which never fails to evoke a flood of emotions! Simply ‘unputdownable’, as we say for books. I can’t think of any other word to put it better. I have to literally tear myself apart from the TV screen if DCH is on-air. For me, it is easily the second “Movie of the Millennium”. Number one being Sholay. DCH’s narrative takes you along the flow, drawing you into itself and touching your emotional chords every time you see it, … how ever many times you see it. The ‘Moti si Opera singer’ scene quickens your pulse even though you know what is going to happen next. All because of wonderful acting. And later, when Preity comes out to return Aamir’s jacket and says, “Kyunki hum dono jaante hain ki us raat aankhen band karke tumne us moti si Opera singer ko nahi dekha tha.”, always brings a lump to your throat. Again because of acting. Simply superb. But it may also be because of the viewer relating to the “Both know but can’t say” feeling. Some time in your own life you have felt that way, right ?! And you know how it hurts to have the feeling of losing someone so dear.

The strains of the bass guitar in the song ‘Tanhayee’ echo in my mind even as I write this. The words drift through …

“Toote … khwaab saare … Kaisi maayusi hai chaayi”
” …. …. ”

“Khwaab mein dekha tha ik aanchal maine apne haathon mein”
“Ab toote khwaabon ke sheeshe chubhte hain in aankhon mein”

“Har khushi kho gayi …”
” Zindagi so gayi …. …. ”

“Tumse jo pyar kiya to maine sazaa hi paayi”

For me, Aamir sitting with hunched shoulders on the corner of a bench at a platform, sums up the whole concept of ‘Tanhayee’. It is just a brief scene with a train arriving in the backgound. But in that instant, his body-language shows how lonely and dejected he feels.

I can’t go to sleep immediately after watching DCH, because it opens some long forgotten chapters of life … and I can’t keep myself from reading the pages again. Then sleep comes noiselessly by the bed-side and takes the book from me … and cradles me in her lap. I fall into her arms deeper and deeper, and forget all about loneliness, pain, sadness, dejection, LIFE … at least for a night. For tomorrow, TIME will have added another page to the book called LIFE … and I’m waiting to read that page. This book is ‘unputdownable’ too.


One Response to “Dil Chahta Hai”

  1. Muzzy Says:

    A very rare excellent Hindi movie. Aamirs rocks, while Saif glides & Akshay acts for a change in it.

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