Living Life Backwards?

This one is for those “complaining types” who don’t feel that life is giving them a fair deal 😉

Sometime back I recieved an SMS from a friend. The gist of that message was that life would have been more fun if it ran backwards … kind of like the video of Enigma’s song which had an unicorn running backwards (maybe it was “Loss of Innocence”). Anyway, I found this thought to be interesting and googled the idea. Predictably, a lot of blogs and joke sites have this thing uploaded. I’m still not sure about the source but maybe this was discussed on the “Seinfield” too.

Post Edit: I have found the original quote by comedian/actor George Carlin. Thanks to Bob Janes site here.

George Carlin once said:

The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends.
I mean, life is tough.
It takes up a lot of your time.
What do you get at the end of it?
A Death. What’s that, a bonus?
I think the life cycle is all backwards.
You should die first; get it out of the way.
Then you live in an old age home.
You get kicked out because you’re too young,
you get a gold watch and you go to work.
You work forty years
until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement.
You do drugs, alcohol, you party,
you get ready for high school.
You go to grade school,
you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities.
You become a little baby,
you go back into the womb,
spend your last nine months floating
and you finish off as an orgasm.

I wonder how many people would like the idea of starting dead and ending orgasmically!

This might be my last post in the year 2006 … so here is wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2007 !!


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