More mods for Pocketmod

I have created/mentioned a ‘fill-in-your-lists-and print-it-out‘ kind of template in .doc format for Pocketmod.

I discovered a list of more mods for Pocketmod on a chance visit to the Pocketmod Forums by a guy called Solutioneer. All the mods are in .swf format and can be used with the Pocketmod Generator offline application. You need to put the mods in the correct directory and modify the mods.xml file of the app to point towards the new mods. Nothing much difficult, I guess. The following is the list from the forum post along with what is to found at these links –

  • Provides a complete Pocketmod installer including the authors mods in a zipped file
  • Provides Lines, Tables, Music staff and ToDo lists in landscape mode
  • Also check his other apps for Palm Pilot

  • Provides games generators (maze, circuits, word, battleship)
  • Provides daily content (quotes, cartoon, horoscope, weather etc.)
  • Miscellaneous daigrams, TaDa list updater, convertors and loggers
  • Also provides the XML code to include in the mod.xml file. Helpful!
  • More details on his blog

  • Language reference sheets
  • World/US maps
  • Games (Slitherlink, Dots, Sudoku etc.)
  • Sign Language, Palmistry and Cloud formation reference
  • Miscellaneous material

  • HP 6515 images as front and back covers of Pocketmod
  • Slideruler

Let me know if you find other such links and I will add to this list.


4 Responses to “More mods for Pocketmod”

  1. lerwegian Says:

    I was aware of PocketMod, but not all the extra mods. This is great. Thanks.

  2. Eyes Of Calvin Template for ‘Pocketmod’ « Says:

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  4. Tony Whitescarver Says:

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