Operation Chimp

The Tribune carried a hilarious incident of shifting an ape to a zoo as recalled by journalist Donald Banerjee. I guess I must be having a really big grin while reading this piece. Read it below and this is the link.

“Operation chimp”
by Donald Banerjee

THE Chhat Bir Zoo had just acquired a chimpanzee on a barter basis.

A number of journalists had gathered to witness “operation chimp” — release of the ape into its new home.

The vehicle carrying the ape entered the primate enclosure. The chimpanzee covered its face with its big palms as cameramen clicked with flash guns.

A number of zoo attendants were at hand to carry out the operation.

A tranquiliser shot saw the chimpanzee sit back. It got up and rubbed its eyes, giving a stare at those present. Then it walked unsteadily in the small case before collapsing.

Six attendants lifted the unconscious chimpanzee. It was heavy. One of the attendants lowered the animal for a better hold. All this time the then zoo director, Dr Vinod Sharma, repeatedly told them to hurry up as he feared the tranquiliser effect may wear off.

The attendant holding the right hand of the chimpanzee suddenly noticed a glint in the eyes of the ape. But before he could sound an alert, the chimp dug its teeth into the attendant’s thumb.

The attendant screamed. He gave a punch on the primate’s face and pulled out his bleeding thumb.

All hell broke loose as the attendants dropped the animal and ran.

Everyone was for himself. Photographer Karam Singh darted into the empty cage, meant for the chimp, and bolted it from inside.

I climbed up the enclosure housing the cages at a speed that would have put even the monkeys to shame. Two more journalists followed me up.

From my high perch I had a clear view of the goings on. Two of the cameramen had rushed out and could be seen 200 metres away.

It was a trying time for the zoo director. He stood near the chimpanzee which was standing on its two legs with a dazed look.

He knew of the danger the chimpanzee could pose to the mediamen. Time was short as the effect of the tranquiliser shot was dying.

Soon a second tranquiliser shot was ready. A perfect aim and the dart hit the thigh of the animal. The chimpanzee let out a cry, and moved towards the iron grill of the enclosure we had climbed up. It grasped the grill for some time. But then slowly it spread out on the floor as the tranquiliser began to take effect.

The second-time unconscious primate was carried into the cage which cameraman Karam Singh had made his temporary abode.

“Operation chimp” was over.

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2 Responses to “Operation Chimp”

  1. anu Says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm the writer is my dad has to be amazing……………………………i always like whatever he writes. i wish he will write a book on wildlife one day.

    • Author:EoC Says:

      Hi Anu, I’m glad you found my blog and left a comment! Because of your comment I got to read the funny story once more and enjoyed it all the more this time! Best regards to you and your father. P.S. – I’ll sure grab a copy if he ever gets around to write that book.

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