Some tests before taking delivery of SE K750i

If you are going to buy a new Sony Ericsson K750i or maybe just taking it back from the service center, you might want to test the handset to check if everything is working fine. The simplest and the most comprehensive way to do this is using the Service Menu.

From the main screen –

Move the joystick right once then press *
Move the joystick left twice then press *
Move the joystick left once and then press *

You will see the  Service screen with three options. Select the Service Tests option. A list of tests will come up to check all the functions of your phone. Go through all the tests and accept delivery only if satisfied with all the results. Of course, this doesn’t guarantees against any future defects but at least you can be sure that you accepted a fully working device.


6 Responses to “Some tests before taking delivery of SE K750i”

  1. sabin Says:

    Hi there, would you know how to reduce the font size in k750i. It’s large for it’s screen size and doesn’t make good reading. Any help will be appreciated.

  2. Author:EoC Says:

    Hi Sabin
    There is no way to change the font size in menu items, address book, SMS window etc.

    If you want to read *.txt files on your phone with a smaller font size then simply put a FONT tag in front of the text with a small value for SIZE attribute and save the file with an *.htm extension. Then copy the file to your phone.

    It shows around 9 lines with the default font size and can show 11 lines with a smaller font size for an HTML page.

  3. sabin Says:

    oh! Well. Guess I got to live with it this way now. Thanks much for your help.

  4. ErikP Says:

    tried your Service Tests but from the main screen, with all joystick shortcuts deactivated, it seems to think I’m entering a number to call. How do I avoid this?

    Second question … having BIG problems with the joystick – sometimes it works, sometimes not. Any thoughts on how to resolve, or do I just bin it?

    Many thanks


  5. Anthony Murphy Says:


    I was wondering if you have any experience with installing the KD player on the K750i.
    I installed it on mine ( KD_Player_176x220.jar – v0.8.6 (en)) but it does not work very well.
    The app will start up ok, but when ‘select’ is pressed it asks if I want to resume or end app.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  6. meena Says:

    Hai, this is meena.
    I cant able to hear som wav sounds & m4a sounds in my SE k750i.
    Is there any solutions for hearing it in my phone?

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