Canon by some amazing guitarists (video)

Cannon in D is a composition for three violins with a bass accompaniment by Johann Pachelbel. I found some great renditions of this composition by some guitarists on YouTube.

Stefan Helander is a Canon fan and has put the following on his site.

What does Canon mean then? Well not Cannon as many misinterpret it. Canon (or Kanon) is when a piece of music is imitated and repeated. First one instrument or vocal starts with a piece of the melody. Then after a number of tones, a second instrument or vocal starts to repeat, or imitate, the first one, playing the exact same tones, but with a time delay. More instruments or vocals may fill in depending on the composers wishes.

Stefan has got some user submitted Canon renditions on his site’s files section, as has Ray Hutchings, another guy with a liking for the composition.

Coming back to YouTube, the first one is plyed (sic) by funtwo. This particular video triggered my interest in Canon and made me look for some more videos and information.

Although funtwo has great technique in the above video, the performance by JerryC below induces some soul in it. Also, JerryC is the one who composed the background track. The back track is available for download at JerryC’s unofficial website.

The last video is of Canon by Trace Bundy. I was fascinated by the way he handled his guitar for this piece.

If you want to know more about JerryC and funtwo then you might want to read this article. As I leave you to enjoy Canon, here is a CollegeHumor video link where Rob Paravonian explains why he hates this particular piece of classical music!


Black themes for Windows XP

Black theme for XPI had wanted to use a black theme for my PC for a long time now. A Zune styled black theme is available for download here. It does not has any Zune branding, though. MystiqueWavefront provides a link to a theme with a black color scheme available here.

If you like to customize the appearance of your Windows XP then you might like to try some wonderful themes provided by Microsoft. Click here to get the themes available at Microsoft site. The returned results include theme generators, web templates for Frontpage etc. If you find it too fussy then click here for more filtered results. But this might skip some useful stuff.