Nikon COOLPIX L105 Review and User Manual

Nikon Coolpix L105 is one mysterious camera at the moment. It is available in stores but there is no mention of this camera model on the Nikon site anywhere! Also, I could not find any reviews for this model on the Internet, though there are some unboxing videos and video tests out there on YouTube now as people are buying it at a bargain of $99 at Target. The Target site now says that it is available in stores only.

I’ve bought it on blind faith and will be testing the features in the next few days.

I’m sharing the the user manual for Coolpix L105 that came along on the CD at this link. I could not find this manual on Nikon’s website before buying the camera. The following are my initial impressions.

The Good :

  • 15x optical and 4x digital zoom
  • $99 price tag in a Black Friday deal (new for $199)
  • 720p HD video recording. Video files can be upto 4GB file size or 29 minutes maximum. VBR (Variable Bit Rate) is used while saving the file so the file sizes can differ even for videos of same duration. Some optical zoom feature is available in video mode but then motor noise is captured in the video.
  • Continuous H mode that shoots up to 20 pictures at 11.1 frames/sec. Continuous M mode captures 7.3 fps and Continuous L mode captures 4.4 fps.
  • 3-inch 230k-dot TFT LCD
  • Photos are alright when outdoor or with good lighting conditions
  • The user’s manual claims a battery life of 320 pictures with alkaline, 950 with lithium and 540 with EN-MH2 batteries.

The Bad :

  • Bulky form factor (weighs about 15.3 oz or 432 gms with batteries and SD card), which means it cannot be carried in a pocket. Probably need to buy a cover.
  • Uses 4 AA sized batteries. Plan on buying NiMH rechargeable batteries. Maybe two sets so that you have a spare one available. There is one DC 5 volt connector too for continuous use but the adapter has to be bought separately.
  • The Easy-Auto mode is not good enough and puts a lot of noise in indoor photos. I could fix a lot of that by using another photo modes and inbuilt pop-up flash. If you have the camera then try to experiment with a few modes.
  • Although there is a Panorama mode, it is not similar to the easy-click-and-pan feature of my Sony Cybershot TX7 camera. With L105, you have to click images in sequence and then stitch them together on your computer with the software that comes on the CD.
  • No HDMI output. Only NTSC/PAL.
  • Small internal memory of 102 MB. Have to buy SDHC card. Actually I’m neutral about this because almost all cameras these days come with a small internal memory and need a memory card anyway.
  • No eye view finder. This, again, is not exactly bad because most P&S cameras come without an eye viewfinder these days. A high resolution screen that doubles as a viewfinder and display is the general standard and L105’s 3-inch 230k-dot TFT LCD screen works and looks fine but it is gonna drain the battery.

The Verdict :

There are a lot of auto scene selection modes which would work in most of the situations but low-light images can be noisy or blurry. If you don’t mind carrying around a heavy camera, you can’t beat the $99 discounted price tag for the features available. But if you have to buy it at the full price of $199 then I guess Nikon Coolpix L110 (12 MP, 15x zoom, HD 720p video, HDMI output, 3-inch 460k-dot TFT LCD) or L120 (14 MP, 21x zoom, HD 720p video, HDMI output, 3-inch 921k-dot TFT LCD), which retail at around $200 – 240 price range, would be better choices.

You might want to go through the comments below and find answers to some of the FAQs.


154 Responses to “Nikon COOLPIX L105 Review and User Manual”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Is there a flash or do u puchase that separately? I bought one today.

  2. Tyler Says:

    when i pop it up it only takes 1 pic with the flash on.

  3. Yvette Says:

    How would this compare to the Canon elph300HS 12.1 megapixels?

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      Yvette, Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP sounds like a great daily use camera for $149! Amazon is throwing in a HDMI cable and 4GB card for a limited time to sweeten the deal 🙂

  4. andrew Says:

    is there significant lag time between the shutter being pressed and picture time?

    • ACWN Says:

      A bit that I’ve noticed. If you’re snapping pictures of a wiggly kid or pet, not the best one to use. But the upside is, you can hold the shutter half way down and watch your subject via the display and press the button right when you see a good shot coming. I’ve gotten a few really nice pictures doing this. 🙂

  5. Devang Says:

    What is continuous H , L , M. Mode?
    Does it shoot continuously in low light with a flash on?
    How come I have not found any reviews for this camera… Is it a discontinued or shelved product?
    Today u can find Sony dsc tx10 for 169 on amazon….which camera is a good buy , best for the buck?

    • ACWN Says:

      Check out the link for the User Manual, the letters are basically frame rates… how many pictures it will take in a certain amount of time.

      No, flash is disabled entirely.

      It doesnt even exist on the Nikon site, dont know why.

  6. ACWN Says:

    If you think this little camera is heavy and bulky, you’d die with a traditional film camera then! lol

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      I guess the traditional film roll will be enough to kill me! I don’t need the camera for that, LoL.

      • ACWN Says:

        Film cameras, or at least the ones I’ve used, tend to be about twice the size of this one and almost three times as heavy. Yeah, this little one has some weight to it, but I can easily pick it up with one hand without fear of dropping it due to the weight (like I do with film cameras) and I like it because it helps weigh my hands down to make for a more steady shot.

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      When I say heavy, I’m saying that in context of other P&S cameras. The Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP, for instance, is just 5 oz!

    • justin (not Bieber) Says:

      Can you use rechargeable batteries???? I bought one for my daughter today, for christmas…..She is ten. Do you think this is a good camera for her?:)

      • Aalam Rangi Says:

        Yes, rechargeable batteries can be used. Though L105 might be a little heavy for her but she might love it because it looks and feels like a ‘real’ camera! You might want to remind her to be careful with handling while the zoom lens is fully extended. You guys take care and have fun!

  7. Caroline Says:

    How about the video function? is 15x really good? How close do you have to be do you think to get a good zoom?

  8. djc Says:

    just bought the L105 can’t find anything on it either, now I am wonder to keep it or return It?

    • May Says:

      I would just keep it.. I was wondering the same thing, so I called Nikon, and they said that the camera was made specially for target to sell, but its a really good camera. They said its similar to Nikon L120

      • Joy Says:

        I haven’t tried it really, but I’m still considering in returning it. Is it worth it? The features and quality of pictures?

  9. Rich Bailey Says:

    I bought one in Southern California for 215.00 (200 plus 15.00 tax) at Target when my Fujifilm camera was stolen while trying on some helmets in the Simpson booth at the NHRA Auto Club Finals. The zoom wasn’t very responsive with the Fuji camera and some how a little bit of pop got on it so I don’t really miss the Fuji cam.

    When I took the L105 to the track the next day I got some pretty good results of John Force doing a burnout along with some other pics which you can see for yourself at As for the features of the L105, my only complaint was not having a viewfinder.

    I later took some head shots under an awning that were grainy. Plus some pics had some thin white streaks in them. I took the L105 back when I returned home to Oregon. Since “black friday” was coming I decided to wait and get a different camera then. Well the l105 was on sale for 100.00 so I bought it knowing I can take it back too if I have the same problems. The camera is well worth 100.00 if the image are like the ones i posted on my site. If they are grainy then I might have made a mistake.

  10. Mike Says:

    Can this camera switch lenses?

  11. Sam Says:

    Does the nikon save the Jpeg a special way? Or are they forcing us to use the software they send on cd to view? I keep getting an error that i cannot view because a module wasn’t loaded. But I can plug in any other camera I have, (canon, fuji …) and I can drill right to the pictures and view without error.

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      I didn’t have this issue so maybe it is not about JPEG format.

      If you are opening the image file right from the camera memory, try copying the file to the computer first. If even that doesn’t works then try to open with another program.

  12. Greg Says:

    I cannot get the software ViewNX2 to install on my computer. The camera is a coolpix L105

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      Whats the error? Can you try to reboot the computer and try the installation again? If the installation file is corrupt or the CD has errors, you can always download the software from the Downloads section on the Nikon’s website.

  13. Carole G Says:

    Can anyone tell me how to use the flash. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Just bought this camera at Target and debating whether to keep it

    • Carole G Says:

      Just found your link for user manual and found the flash. For the money I will keep the camera. Pictures are very clear outdoors.

  14. Chess Says:

    thanks for sharing the manual

  15. ucfknight Says:

    Thanks for taking time to write this blog. This is the best resource I have found so far for Coolpix L105. I’ve ordered it too and looking forward to getting my hands on it.

  16. Colleen Says:

    I bought this camera yesterday at target and will be returning it today! The photos seemed wayyyyyyyy to grainy and i was not as pleased with the quality as id hoped i would be! Bought this because the flash on my cannon stopped working but i plan on returning this for another cannon product. Taking pictures of my kids today to test it out and it was way to slow.

  17. Serena Says:

    I got this camera in hopes of the faster sutter speed. My child is in gymnastics and am hoping this capture better pictures with the sports mode. Has anyone tried any photos like that? What is your thoughts???

    • Jack Says:

      I used mine in the sport mode and it worked great. As long as you hold the shutter down it wil keep taking shots, just like a movie. I did four shots of my nephew running and catching a football and it used 100 shots to capture it. Then just pick the shot/s you want and delete the rest.

  18. Wenda Rogers Says:

    Just want to confirm, would it be correct to say that you CANNOT change lenses with the Nikon L105 camera? I bought it on Black Friday with the hopes of getting a camera that I can add to as I learn how to use it. Looking for a camera that is more than a point and shoot. I’m planning on taking a basic or beginner photography class and want a camera that is easy to use, expandable, takes decent photos and is reasonably priced.

    If this one doesn’t allow you to add and change lenses I don’t think it’s what I am looking for. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. I’m not looking to be a professional photographer, just take better pictures than I do now of the kids, family, etc. and have some fun with outdoor scenes, etc.

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      No you cannot switch lenses. Please find some more detail in my response to a comment above.

      As a beginner DSLR hobbyist, you might want to consider one of the following cameras –
      Nikon 3000 or 3100
      Canon Rebel XS or XSi
      Sony A250, A350, Alpha 35 etc.

      The instructors at your class might be able to make more recommendations and narrow down on a choice.

  19. Gino Says:

    Can you switch out the lens?

  20. Lou Says:

    Why battery life exhausted when I put in brand new batteries twice?

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      Can you try selecting the battery type that you are trying to use? See page 112 of the User’s Manual for details. It could be showing wrong status because a different battery type is selected in the Settings menu.

    • Dylan Giravi (@DylanGiravi) Says:

      Mine was doing the same thing and I just played with the settings and found out I had vibration reduction “on” and as soon as i turned it “off”, my camera was started working again.

  21. Beth Molpus Says:

    Can you change the pixel size when the camera is on Auto? It for me
    is on 5 M. And I would like for it to be on 12M. Thanks for any info.

  22. Melvyn Says:

    I was looking at black friday deals for digital cameras less than $100 dollars and with more than just 5x zoom. The 2 that showed up on the list were the Nikon l105 (Target) and Kodak M583 (Sams). A slightly more expensive option was the Sony DSC-H70 with 10x zoom at $130 (Walmart). I bought the Nikon early Friday morning and the Kodak yesterday thinking that I would return the Nikon (since the Kodak came with what appeared to be more features). After playing with both, I think I’m going to keep the Nikon. I played with the Sony a bit last week but now that I’ve missed my chance to buy it at the Black Friday price, I’m hoping the extra zoom with the Nikon serves me better. Thoughts?

  23. rashid Says:

    i baught it at target for 100. i was looking for a camera with a bigger zoom then what is normal 5x. this showed up as a good option. it is priced low due to the AA batteries. i started taking some pictures and they came out blury and grainy, but i started to play around with the features and i found for indoors the (indoor/party) selection works best for my house. i think people will have lots of problems with blurry and grainny pictures due to its bad ((easy auto mode). people should try other modes for better picture. i will keep this camera because of the zoom, 12.MP, 3.0 screne and specially the awesome the looks. to compensate for the lack of rechargeable battery i will purchase 2 set of recharge able batteries.

  24. Vett Says:

    I think this is a special camera, just for Target Stores. It compares very closely to the Nikon L110

  25. Kelly Says:

    iam a professional photographer and shoot primarily with Nikon Dslr on a regular basis.
    I saw this as a doorbuster and was very intrigued as i am really tired of lugging all of my expensive and much larger stuff around risking it getting broke or stolen when i go to all of my kids events and sports… i have not been able to do a complete extensive review yet as i need to test my outdoor shots under several different situations but i honestly believe in natural light this camera will truly shine and a blessing to be so small and compact… from what i have taken indoors in diffferent modes i am very very please , the images are very sharp , i zoomed way into the eyeballs and saw great detail… now if you want great portraits with no red eye inside u must use a portrait mode , in auto it seems the red-eye will show and u also have no other way to attatch to another light source but this camera is meant to be for easy and quick use, the indoor party setting is the best in low light , beautiful shots of my xmas tree with no flash and with flash great detail… i tested the hd video with my boys on a wrestling match and very very please , works great so for 100 iam very very happy and for most events i will no longer have to tote around all of my heavy equipment and lenses…

    • May Says:

      Hi Kelly,
      I really liked this camera too, I have been trying to use different modes, but i dont really know when to use which mode to get the best pictures. Do you know how is the best way to take pictures of sports events? I know that this camera have an mode that takes pictures in moviment like a “video”right? But do you know how to take a single picture while people are playing without getting blurry?
      Thank you very much

  26. Maria Says:

    Can anyone tell me if there’s a specific memory card I should use with the L105? This is by far the best review site for this camera I’ve seen. Thanks!

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      L105 can use either a SD or a SDHC (4 GB to 32 GB) card. Try to find a class 6 or better speed

      • Vijay Says:

        Hey.. just want to confirm if SDHC is compatible with L105.. Did you use it? i couldnt this info any other place..

      • Cassandra Says:

        Hi, my mom bought me this camera for Christmas with a SDHC memory card (8GB) and every time I tried to turn it on, it constantly asks me to format and every time I select yes, it asks if it’s okay that all the images will be deleted (even though there aren’t any) and I select Format, and it goes back to asking if I want to format. Can anyone help me? I’ve just been using the internal memory for now, but it only holds like 40 pictures at a time. 😦

      • Elliot Says:

        Well it may be one of two things. First, the cheaper solution is try a different memory card. They are fickle and often no-name brands may not be as reliable or compatible. That may solve the problem. If after trying different cards you have the same problem, it sounds like a hardware issue that may require you to either return/exchange the camera to the store it was purchased from or to take advantage of the one year warranty that Nikon offers (but that would require more work in shipping it to them, etc.). Hope that helps.

  27. shaunny Says:

    this is the most information that i have found on this camera !! thank you very much i am so glad i was able to snag one of these at the black friday sale i cant wait to start taking pics of the kiddos on christmas

  28. Richard Says:

    No offense here but it looks to me like this “review” was posted just to grab some Google attention. Camera reviews without reference pictures are pretty worthless! Reading the entire good/bad list is just a joke. Anyone buying or not based on this review should think twice. I mean come on you list the bulk as a negative because it won’t fit in your pocket…well duh its not meant to a be a compact!!

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      No offense taken. The reasons for this post –
      – Google attention? Yes. Who doesn’t likes that!
      – Share the user’s manual. Nobody was sure of the specs. Nikon didn’t even have it listed!
      – List the highlights and the features of the camera that most most buyers would be interested in. Not everyone wants to go through a 150 page manual.
      – Share ‘my’perceptions about what ‘I’ liked or not. You have full right to disagree. The L series is categorized by Nikon as Compact DSLR in their COOLPIX product brochure.
      – I didn’t share any sample pics or videos. True. But I pointed to YouTube where many have shared their unboxing and sample videos. I checked Flickr for a photostream of pics taken by this model but it was not available. Some reader have put links to their photos in the comments here and sooner or later more will do so.

      BTW, you are running a fine geek blog over there!

    • Tony B Says:

      Richard, that’s pretty rude, dude.

  29. Hardy Hall Says:

    The manual is on the CD. Use Windows Explorer and it very easy to find. Since you may want to refer to it several times suggest moving a copy to you computer.

  30. Ashley Says:

    Bought mine Black Friday from Target.. I thought that a memory card from a previous camera would fit.. but apparently not. Which card do you recommend? Also, THANK YOU for all this information! It has definitely helped solve the mystery of this “non-existant” camera!

  31. Hardy Hall Says:

    Need a SD Card. Probably about 4G for average use. About $6-8. with the holiday salaes

    • Hardy Hall Says:

      Just learned you can take some photo’s without a card in camera. Got to menu and format memory and you can get 40-90 photo’s using the camera’s memory. If you get a SD card, format card before use.

  32. cindi Bailey Says:

    I think I have to take this back My flash does not work. There is nothing in the quick Start guide abouty it. Should I take this back and return for the same camera. I thinki will like it Please advise

  33. cindi Bailey Says:

    help how does the flash work. do i have to take back thiss camera. maybe it just does not work…

  34. Hope Says:

    Is there a dc adapter that I can buy to charge my rechargable batteries while they are in my nikon coolpix L105 camara?

  35. Sassymaddy Says:

    I have two questions. First, I am trying to take a photo of someone/something. I want everything around it (behind it) to be fuzzy or not in focus. How do I do that? My other question, how do I edit photos? I downloaded the View NX2 and the Panorama Maker 5 from the CD that came with it, but I have no idea how to use them nor does it give instructions on how to do so.

  36. Stacie Says:

    My daughter bought this camera. We went to an indoor concert last night. She was having trouble finding at setting that would take good pictures. The focus seemed to be off no matter what setting she used. Any suggestions? She goes to a lot of concerts and is trying to decide if she should keep the camera or not.

  37. Kathy Burkett Says:


  38. ra.i Says:

    I have two questions. First, I am trying to take a photo of someone/something. I want everything around it (behind it) to be fuzzy or not in focus. How do I do that? My other question, how do I edit photos? I downloaded the View NX2 and the Panorama Maker 5 from the CD that came with it, but I have no idea how to use them nor does it give instructions on how to do so.Please Answer soon!

  39. ra.i Says:

    Also, i cannot find the instructions on the different functions of the camera in the CD that came with it.

  40. Nannette Says:

    I bought the Nikon Coolpix L105 and the Olympus SZ-20 to see which one will have a sharper image. Can I get some advice as to which Camera is better in regards to that.

  41. jeannic Says:

    i bought the class 6 memory card and filmed on 720. playback on quicktime is choppy. any idea why?

  42. Stacey Keesler Says:

    I just got this camera but cannot figure out how to take a motion picture without it being blurry. Any suggestions.

  43. Josh Says:

    Is the Nikon l105 i clone of l110?

    • Elliot Says:

      I believe there are two subtle differences. 1st, the LCD is higher resolution on the L110. 2nd, the L110 has an HDMI output jack…that is all. However, it certainly does not justify twice the price if you can still get the L105 at $99 at Target as we just picked one up yesterday.

  44. R Says:

    just got to hawaii with our new camera that we got black friday. no idea how to run it, and no manual !! so greatful for your blog so we can use on vacation now 🙂 whats the best setting for just point and shoot , is there one setting that i could use for people pics and landscape pics ??

  45. Josh Says:

    I Compared owners manuals of the l105 with the l110 on Nikon web sight, they appeared to be

    • Elliot Says:

      I believe there are two subtle differences. 1st, the LCD is higher resolution on the L110. 2nd, the L110 has an HDMI output jack…that is all. However, it certainly does not justify twice the price if you can still get the L105 at $99 at Target as we just picked one up yesterday.

  46. Joy Says:

    what kind of memory card does it require?

  47. Josh Says:

    from manual
    The following Secure Digital (SD) memory cards have been tested and approved for use in this camera. • MemorycardswithanSDSpeedClassratingof6orfasterarerecommendedfor
    recording movies. Movie recording may stop unexpectedly when memory cards with a lower Speed Class rating are used.
    SanDisk 2GB1
    Panasonic 2GB1
    Lexar –
    SD memory card SDHC memory card 2
    4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB
    1 If the memory card will be used with a card reader or similar device, make sure that the device supports 2 GB cards.
    2 SDHC compliant. If the memory card will be used with a card reader or similar device, make sure that the device supports SDHC.
    • Contactthemanufacturerfordetailsontheabovecards.Wecannotguaranteecamera performance when using memory cards made by other manufacturers.

    • amelia Says:

      I just got the l105 and set it up, but while i try to take pictures the screen says “this card cannot be used” i have the SDHC 4GB

  48. Rich Bailey Says:

    Well, I tried it again and other than photographing cars in the sun light at a car show, this camera sucks, sucks, sucks. I’ve never been hard publicly on any product before but my experience is that you can’t trust the L105 when taking pictures at night or inside. Tonight, nearly all of the pictures that I have taken have come out blury and the on and off button stuck so my photo shoot ended prematurely. Before this, I owned a much hated by critics fuji film camera and i don’t recall having a difficult time shooting sharp images in doors or at night with that camera. I have alway looked up at Nikon for making great quality cameras but I’m afraid they fell way, way, way short on the L105. I wish I was wrong.

    • Rich Bailey Says:

      I spent some more time working with this camera and re-read the manual. As a result, I got better pics this time. It is a good camera for the money providing it works. I hope that my problem involved the batteries I was using or it means more problems down the road.

      • Rich Bailey Says:

        By the way, this is a black Friday camera. The guy at Target said they were out and were getting no more of these cameras and it was a black friday only deal, at least at Target.

  49. Sue Says:

    Looking to get a nice camera for my 13 yr old, for taking video for u tube and pics. I don’t want to spend too much, he already has the flip and wants to upgrade. I pocekd up the L105 for ( at Target for $99 and not sure if I should return it for the 110 or a different one. Any suggestions? I’m trying not to go over $200

  50. Erin Bunn Says:

    I bought this camera at Target and cannot seem to get pictures to come out clear. They are all blurry. I’m holding the button 1/2 way down before taking like the booklet instructs. Any ideas? What setting should I have it on for everyday use?

  51. Jeff Says:

    What are the benefits of having an HDMI output vs only NTSC/PAL.

  52. Ashley Says:

    Thanks for this review! I’m bouncing around between this camera (because of the great price point) and an Olympus. But the Olympus seems to have a lot more features, although I love the look of the Nikon. Thanks again, I think I’ll go with Olympus!

  53. Stephen Says:

    Just picked one up. Didn’t read the manual first. Disappointed that you can’t just plug it into USB on the computer and copy stuff over. You have to use Nikon’s software, which only works on Windows and Mac. I run Linux. But for Windows and Mac users, consider this: If you’re over at friends, take some shots at the party, you can’t just use someone’s computer and copy stuff. You have to install software first. You did bring the CD with you, right?

    I put in an SD card i had hanging around, copied the internal memory pictures i took to it, using the menu on the camera, took it out, put it in my Samsung camera, and copied the pictures up to my computer. My Samsung and this Nikon use the same USB cable, at least. So now, two cameras in the house use the same cable.

    I’ve not yet checked into Linux drivers, Linux software, or WINE (the Windows Emulator) as options. Well, it’s only been ten minutes.

    • Doug Says:

      I just received the L105 as a Christmas gift, and not being a camera expert by any means, still learning the features. I only downloaded the user manual from the CD and not the ViewNX2 software.

      I tried moving images from the L105 to the Windows XP computer first, and had no issues. I just plugged the USB cable in, pressed the power button on the L105 and looked under the My Computer menu. The camera was right there in the list.

      On Mac OS X (10.6.3) look for an app in the Applications folder called Image Capture. Plug the L105 into the USB and open Image Capture, and the L105 will be right there. You can even set up Image Capture to open as the default app, every time the L105 is plugged in, via USB.

      I can’t offer a suggestion on Linux, but no CD was needed on either my XP machine or the Mac.

  54. Stephen Says:

    I went with this Nikon because, unlike other p&s cameras, it has a fairly large lens. This lets in more light, and indeed, it appears to be more sensitive. There’s also enough room for a 15x zoom, rather than 3x or 4x, which is more common. Did i mention it’s cheap?

  55. Shell Says:

    Just bought the L105 2 wks ago at Target…….in 4 letters I can sum it up…………LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Silvia Mezza Says:

    Can you take macro pictures with this? Is so, how?

    • Casey Says:

      HHow do you switch the pictures and white

      • Aalam Rangi Says:

        In Auto Mode, go to Menu > Color Options and choose the desired option. The available options are Standard color (default), Vivid color, Black-and-White, Sepia and Cyanotype. See page 57 on the user’s manual for more details.

  57. Missymae 13 Says:

    Thank you sooooo much! got this camera as an alternative to my a nicer more expensive slr camera, was thinking about taking it back, but now that I found some information on it gonna hang on to it a little bit longer and try some your tips and tricks…. couldn’t find anything online thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  58. Missymae 13 Says:

    1 of my biggest question is, if I get say a 12 gb card, instead of the 4 gb card that I have now will it be faster at taking photos?

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      No, the size of the card has no effect on the speed. Manufacturers use something called “class” to show the data transfer speed of the card for example Class 4, Class 6 etc. It is always recommended to go for as high a class as possible. L105 manual recommends using class 6 or above for recording movies.

  59. Kyle Says:

    I was wondering if theres manual focus on this or anything close to it. Lately i have been using the “Close-Up” feature to take more detailed pictures.

  60. dre Says:

    So is the Nikon Coolpix L105 a DSLR camera ?

  61. Kyle Says:

    Im not sure if you got my last reply because my computer isnt exactly up to date but i was wondering if there was manual focus on the camera. Lately i was using the “close-up” feature but that limits a lot of things i can do. also i wanted to know how to increase shutter speed.

  62. Kendall Says:

    Can you use rayovac rechargeable batteries or do you have to use a specific kind? I don’t want to void the warranty if I do use these batteries. Also do you have to use the recommended memory card brands. I got a verbatim brand sdhc 4 gb for Christmas with the camera. Can I use it? Without voiding the warranty.

  63. Alex Says:

    I bought the Nikkon L105 was very pleased at first. I was able to take several pictures set in motion through the first trial. Then next time all pictures in motion were blurry. What happened? I tried sport mode with the same results. I just want to get back the same camera I had the first night.

  64. Tuan Says:

    Bought this tonight for $50 at Target. They have it on sale for $99, and I traded in a cheap camera I got for $5 at Goodwill for the $50 coupon towards any digital camera (Except the Nikon DSLR/lenses). For $50 it would have to take the worst pictures in the world to be not worth it. Also picked up an SX130 for giggles doing the same deal… we’ll see how good the pictures are.

    To the people not reading the previous comments:

    No it’s not a DSLR. It’s not even a compact DSLR. There is no single lens reflex (read: mirror/prism), nor is there a mechanical shutter which are some requirements for a DSLR. Also you cannot change the lens. Bear in mind the retail price is $200, DSLRs don’t come any cheaper than $399 and that is a pretty low end one.

  65. mommieof7 Says:

    I got a sanyo vpc e2100 for Christmas, didn’t like , exchanged it for an olypus sz 10. I am loving it, but at $180.00, i was thinking of going for the nikon L105 for its cheaper price tag. Any comments on which is the better camera? I am a newbie to the newer digital cameras, my kodak finally gave out after 9 years. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  66. Don Says:

    Thank you for this sharing and informative blog. I have emailed this link to my grand daughter with instruction to read carefully; she too received the Target Black Friday offering. She came to me asking how to affix the lens cap tether to the camera. I instructed her to find the answer in the manual, which she did within the hour. I am hoping that some of the participants will return occasionally and further post their comments regarding their successes/ or not with the Nikon L105. Thanks again.

  67. Sassymaddy Says:

    I asked a question on Dec 2nd and it looked as if you had responded or were trying but instead you reposted my questions again. Can you answer the following?
    I have two questions. First, I am trying to take a photo of someone/something. I want everything around it (behind it) to be fuzzy or not in focus. How do I do that? My other question, how do I edit photos? I downloaded the View NX2 and the Panorama Maker 5 from the CD that came with it, but I have no idea how to use them nor does it give instructions on how to do so.Please Answer soon!

  68. Melissa Says:

    I got this camera as a gift from my boyfriend. I took it to a party and almost EVERY picture that was taken indoors was blurry. Thank goodness for photoshop sharpening them up a bit, but the point it to have a camera that doesn’t make you have to edit your photos every time.

    do you have a solution of your own to stop the blurry-ness? I feel like the camera finds it hard to focus.

  69. cee Says:

    Only used this camera once. Camera set to Party mode. Pics came out great. In a dimly bit bar, NG.
    Being “NEW” to this type of camera, I’m a bit lost but learning. I am VERY DISSAPOINTED that Nikon provided no hard copy MANUAL. I would even pay for one but “no available” says Nikon. That would have stalled my purchase. Good luck to all. Looking forward to updates.

  70. Codi C. Says:

    I looking to buy a memory card and screen protectors. I can’t find what kind of memory card it takes anywhere in the manual.
    Also I’m not exactly sure how big the screen is. Which poses a problem in buying a screen protector? Any answers??

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      This camera uses SD (Secure Digital) or SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) memory cards upto 32 GB. See pages 17, 18 and 120 of the manual. The link for the manual is in the post above.
      The screen is 3 inches.

      • Codi C. Says:

        I’ve decided on a16 GB SDHC memory card but what class do I need and what brand you sugguest?
        Thanks for helping

  71. Sarah Says:

    I purchased this camera today on clearance at Target for $80! I’m super excited to use it. I live in Alaska and want to shoot the Northern Lights tonight. I realize they won’t be the best pictures but will this camera capture them and exactly what settings do I need to put the camera on?

  72. Sienna Says:

    Over all, I’m really unsatisfied with this camera. To be honest, it doesn’t take good pictures at all unless there’s perfect outdoor lighting. Even then, you have to be absolutely still or the picture comes out blurry. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but this is what I’ve found after using it for about three months now. Lastly, the videos I’ve taken with it come out pretty grainy, there’s definitely reasons why it was sold so cheap.

  73. Madi Says:

    Personally, I love this camera! It was a steal for $99! I take mostly close-ups of naure that turn out great and crystal clear. The zoom is spectacular I can see every detail of the objects im taking photos of. Senior Portraits I’ve taken also turn out great so it does that well also. The continous sport mode is great! My only complaint about that is I wish I could control how long it continued recording while I hold down the button. All around a great camera for a great price!

  74. jaime garcia Says:

    how do you change the shutter speed?

  75. Julie Says:

    I cant seem to know what the memory card is. I am buying an sim card that SAMSUNG micro 2.0 gbs. And if I put it in a Kingston micro adapter will. It be able to cary more pictures?

  76. Janelle Tan Says:

    Is their a shutter speed on this camera? Because I want to use lights that look like their moving. I was just wondering. Thank you

  77. Curt Says:

    I have an L105 also. I cant get it to download or view piX to my PC. It is using Windows XP. The 1GB card will allow viewing but I cant get the computer to recognize the LSB cable version. MY Computer menu shows no sign of a Nikon L105. What do I need to do?

  78. Kacey Says:

    I put new batteries I my camera for my to use on her vactions and it work for a longest time and it died, then she put new batteries in from home and it work for a longest time also. Well now she out of batteries that she brought from home, so she stop at a store where ever she at to get new batteries, well she put them in the camera, it let her take couple pics then it shut off by it self. So she went to a different store to get new batteries and it doing the samething… HELP…

  79. M Anderson Says:

    Aalam Rangl’s review above has helped me sort out some problems I’m facing. He say’s, “The 3-inch… LCD screen is gonna drain the battery”‘. However I had changed to lithium as I noticed the batteries drained quickly when first bought. Followed instructions for changing to lithium – oddly the drain is getting worse even though I store camera with batteries removed. No way 950 pic’s with lithium! Finally I wondered if anyone else was having the same problem so I did a google search [nikon coolpix L105 battery problems] seems others are experiencing similar problems without consolation from Nikon. It’s a $99 camera that is NOT WORTH THE FRUSTRATION of missing that important picture. Yes, I have struggled with the grainy pictures too indoor. No problem with flash or downloading pictures. By the way you can print the manual, if you want to use up all your ink.
    My not being able to find a review at the time of purchase should of been a sign to stay away from this product. I knew better but the price was hard to resist with the features offered.

  80. carmen Says:

    When I press the shutter an error message pops up to change the batteries. Can this be fixed?

  81. sarah Says:

    I’ve replaced the batteries in this camera using 4 AA run-of-the-mill Duracel batteries and have never had a problem before, however now when I replace them the camera wont even turn on. I’ve tried several sets of brand new batteries in the camera, but haven’t had any luck. I’m sure they’re inserted correctly too. I’ve only had this camera for a month and have taken less than 50 pics with it so I’m a little frustrated. I take extremely good care of it, have never dropped it, and always use the lens cover. I called customer support and they asked me what brand batteries I was using. When I told them Duracel, they said “we cannot help you, take it to a camera store” and hung up. Any suggestions? By the way, this page is great! Thanx for taking the time to put it together, I really appreciate it:)

  82. blanca Says:

    Need help! My camera has been great but now the flash completely stopped working. I did follow the instructions in the manuals troubleshooting section, nothing worked. Any advice? I’m debating of taking it in to see if it’s worth repairing.

  83. michele Says:

    First thank you very much for answering all the questions about this camera!!! I have this camera and put it up after I couldn’t figure out how to get the pics to save to the memory card and not the internal memory. I’ve taken the card out and replaced it and even used a different one and still it only keeps adding to the internal memory and it only holds like 12 images…….?

    • Aalam Rangi Says:

      Could you go through these pages of the manual and see if a solution for your issue is listed? The link for the PDF of the manual is in the blog post.
      18-19 – Memory card usage, formatting, write protect switch
      107 – Format memory card
      114 – Copying between memory card and camera memory
      120 – Approved memory cards
      122, 123, 124 – Error messages related to memory cards

  84. Says:

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I
    find this matter to be actually something that I think I would never
    understand. It seems too complex and extremely broad for me.
    I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  85. Faith Says:

    Can you take pics or edit the picture to make it black and white

  86. ron henderson Says:

    I cannot get the flash to work do you have any ideas?

  87. megapolis hack Says:

    This post is worth everyone’s attention. When can I
    find out more?

  88. Sony Tx10 Manual Pdf | Manual User Guide Says:

    […] PDF File Name: Nikon coolpix l105 review and user manual | eyes of calvin Source: » DOWNLOAD « […]

  89. Lana Crecelius-Gonzalez Says:

    i bought this camera on black friday in 2011 also but my black friday Price was 200.. it was originally 400… are u posting about the right camera

  90. Rhiannon Says:

    How can I download this? VERY useful!

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