Guru – Movie review

Rating – Average

Go see this movie only if you are a Mani Ratnam fan. I can’t find any other reason.

The story is clearly inspired by the life of Dhirubhai Ambani, right from the foreign blue-collar job to right sided paralysis. Read this great article from Outlook magazine’s film section to know the real people behind the characters. GuruThe story tells about the meteoric rise of the hero from a village lad to a world-class businessman. It is implied through newspaper headlines or peripheral dialogues that certain illegal means have been employed by Guru for his success but this is not explored at all. Guru’s character seems to be an impulsive and manipulative person with a lot of luck. I didn’t see him working hard to grow his business any where in the movie. He just arrives and declares a grand new plan at a shareholders meeting. Having somebody as his mentor would have given some credibility to his grandiose plans to raise a public issue or setup a petrochemical plant.

Abhishek has put in a visible effort into his character of Gurukant Desai but couldn’t beat his own performance in Yuva. The character of Lallan which he played in Yuva was effortless. Aishwarya shines in parts but does not has much to do. In fact, no body else has much to do except Abhishek. Abhishek seemed to have better chemistry with Rani in Bunty Aur Babli than what he has with Aishwarya in Guru. (Sometimes I find it extremely funny how we treat actors on first name basis as if they were our juniors in Mithibai College!)

Screenplay is a real disappointment. No relationship is explored for its worth. How could Guru manage to meet Arzaan Contractor at the golf club if nobody allows him inside Contractor’s office? How does Guru comes close to Nanaji? Why does a rift grow between Guru and his brother-in-law that ends in a snapping point at the party? What happens to Aishwarya when she finds out that Abhishek had married her for the dowry? How and when does Madhvan falls for Vidya? What happens to Madhvan’s idealism when he is clicking bogus pictures as evidence againt Guru? What happens to the contractor guy who had resigned because of Guru? Who was the parsi old man who tried to buy out Guru? Many other relationships are left unexplored.

Cinematography is good as expected from a Ratnam film but Rehman’s music is lackluster. The art director deserves a pat on the back for recreating Bombay of 1950s all with vintage cars and trams. But I wish that the director hadn’t tried to pass off South Indian locations as parts of Gujarat.

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Dil Chahta Hai

The following post about the movie Dil Chahta Hai, was posted on my previous blog on Monday, July 28, 2003. I just wanted to put it here too …………………………………………………………………………………………


Saw some of it last night … and reaffirmed my belief that this is one movie which never fails to evoke a flood of emotions! Simply ‘unputdownable’, as we say for books. I can’t think of any other word to put it better. I have to literally tear myself apart from the TV screen if DCH is on-air. For me, it is easily the second “Movie of the Millennium”. Number one being Sholay. DCH’s narrative takes you along the flow, drawing you into itself and touching your emotional chords every time you see it, … how ever many times you see it. The ‘Moti si Opera singer’ scene quickens your pulse even though you know what is going to happen next. All because of wonderful acting. And later, when Preity comes out to return Aamir’s jacket and says, “Kyunki hum dono jaante hain ki us raat aankhen band karke tumne us moti si Opera singer ko nahi dekha tha.”, always brings a lump to your throat. Again because of acting. Simply superb. But it may also be because of the viewer relating to the “Both know but can’t say” feeling. Some time in your own life you have felt that way, right ?! And you know how it hurts to have the feeling of losing someone so dear.

The strains of the bass guitar in the song ‘Tanhayee’ echo in my mind even as I write this. The words drift through …

“Toote … khwaab saare … Kaisi maayusi hai chaayi”
” …. …. ”

“Khwaab mein dekha tha ik aanchal maine apne haathon mein”
“Ab toote khwaabon ke sheeshe chubhte hain in aankhon mein”

“Har khushi kho gayi …”
” Zindagi so gayi …. …. ”

“Tumse jo pyar kiya to maine sazaa hi paayi”

For me, Aamir sitting with hunched shoulders on the corner of a bench at a platform, sums up the whole concept of ‘Tanhayee’. It is just a brief scene with a train arriving in the backgound. But in that instant, his body-language shows how lonely and dejected he feels.

I can’t go to sleep immediately after watching DCH, because it opens some long forgotten chapters of life … and I can’t keep myself from reading the pages again. Then sleep comes noiselessly by the bed-side and takes the book from me … and cradles me in her lap. I fall into her arms deeper and deeper, and forget all about loneliness, pain, sadness, dejection, LIFE … at least for a night. For tomorrow, TIME will have added another page to the book called LIFE … and I’m waiting to read that page. This book is ‘unputdownable’ too.

Kuch Na Kaho – Movie review

Rating – 2/5

For guys, the only recommended reason for watching this dud is ‘Aishwarya’ … she is looking superb … as usual ! For some gals similarly, the reason can be ‘Abhishek’ … but I didn’t find him too good here. (Please note : This statement is NOT prompted by any jealousy ;O) ) The movie explores a fresh theme but the handling could have been a LOT better and we would have liked it better with a screen-play which is not clichéd. The climax scene is ooooozing of ‘Mahaantaa‘. The only saving grace is the music. I could hear people whistling and clapping for the title song. Abhishek needs better stuff in his movies if he doesn’t wants to change career in coming future.

Bad Boys – II – Movie review

Rating – 4/5

All you action freaks, grab the tickets to the first available show of this movie !! Believe me, its THAT good! The action and car chase sequences are better than even T3 ! T3 btw was a dud. Bad Boys doesn’t lets you even blink during the action moments. Wills and Lawrence are funny but not as one might expect. Thats the only let down. Baaki sab jhakaas hai.

Koi Mil Gaya – Movie review

This one gets 3/5 stars just because of its fresh theme and Hritik’s acting. My biggest reason to go for this movie was that I had seen E.T. a few days ago and wanted to see how much has been copied !! Well, the answer is “A lot.” E.g. the “ball-throw-in-and-the-ball-throw-out” scene is a straight lift. I was impressed by the cinematography, 3 songs (you know which one) and Hritik’s acting. The animation of the spaceship’s landing and the door opening was cool, but the one showing bird reflections in a pond in one of the songs was too tacky. Also, I can’t understand the idea of grown up guys on dirt-bikes bullying kids on push-scooters !! The biker guys seemed more mentally challenged than Hritik’s character.

All in all, its a kiddo movie with an average script. There is another movie I watched, which doesn’t even deserves a separate review. I’m talking about ‘OOPS‘, and my advice is “Don’t go. Save yourself.

Bhoot – Movie review

OK, I’m in the ‘Been there, Seen that’ club of BHOOT. I must admit I enjoyed the movie while I was there, but now on retrospection, I find it good enough for 3-Star rating only. It is a laudable effort to set a spooky thriller in an urban setting. But the ‘urbanity’ does not intrude into the flow of the story as barely anything outside the apartment building is brought into view. It also helps to have a worrying father and a rosary-weilding, expressionless old woman with hair so white (not grey) that it gives an impression of a wig, for neighbors.
The first half is better than the second. Urmila and Ajay shine in some scenes. Nana, Tanuja, Fardeen and Rekha are merely add-ons with a forgettable performance and roles. I liked the guy in the role of the shrink, don’t remember his name though. A few brief scenes about his lifes’ problems was a good touch as a sub-plot. The background score is the real highlight of the movie. I suggest if you HAVE to watch it then go to a theatre with a GOOD sound system. The chills are basically due to the ‘Appropriate’ noises or sounds.

This a season for spook freaks with ‘Darna Mana Hai’ and ’88 Antop Hill’ due for release. I’m waiting …