Some tests before taking delivery of SE K750i

If you are going to buy a new Sony Ericsson K750i or maybe just taking it back from the service center, you might want to test the handset to check if everything is working fine. The simplest and the most comprehensive way to do this is using the Service Menu.

From the main screen –

Move the joystick right once then press *
Move the joystick left twice then press *
Move the joystick left once and then press *

You will see the  Service screen with three options. Select the Service Tests option. A list of tests will come up to check all the functions of your phone. Go through all the tests and accept delivery only if satisfied with all the results. Of course, this doesn’t guarantees against any future defects but at least you can be sure that you accepted a fully working device.


How to read Da Vinci Code on K750i

I have finished reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. On my K750i !! So you like to read but can’t always carry your favorite book? Well, why not catch up on you reading on your K750i !

Small files: The web-browser in K750i can be used to read *.txt and *.html files (not .pdf or .doc). Just put any text or HTML file in your ‘Other’ folder using bluetooth or data-cable. Now go to the Other folder in your phone. You will see a list of existing files. The text or html files will have a different icon and will show a ‘View’ option above the top-left button. (Other files like *.jar files show a ‘Install’ option instead.) Select the file you want to read and click on ‘View’. You should be able to read your document now. K750i has a decent enough font size. Normal *.txt files will show around 9 lines. The HTML documents will show around 9-11 lines on the screen at a time depending on the <FONT SIZE> tag in the document.

Large files: The above method is good enough to read small text files but not recommended for large files. The phone becomes too sluggish while opening files larger that a few KBs. For reading large text documents like novels etc. use an application that produces phone readable files. I have been using the free Book Reader by Tequila Cat. I’m using the 2.2.6 version without any stability issues. You will need to install the software on your PC. The reading material in .txt format can be found online from many websites (a brief list is given below). The Book Reader takes a text file of your novel and you can change a few settings like the screen resolution, background color, font size etc according to your phone model. It will produce a .jar file which can be transferred to your K750i or ANY java enabled phone for that matter. Open this .jar file in your phone and voila, you have your novel in front of you! Another advantage is that this .jar application will also allow you to open other text files which you might already have on your phone.

I have the .jar for the Angels&Demons (412 KB) but can’t upload that here on WordPress due to file type restrictions. Some of you readers might want to have a copy of this .jar to try out on your K750i (or any other Java enabled phone). That will help you decide if you really want to install a new application on your PC or even do all that reading on your phone! Please suggest a convenient method using the comments section to share that .jar file. I have not found the text file for the Da Vinci Code. If any body finds it then I would be glad to convert that to .jar file format for you and send it back. EDIT: 2/27/2007: Thanks to Michael Whalen who has provided this link for the jar file of Da Vinci Code. EDIT 9/1/2012: Michael Whalen has sent an update in the comments below that his site no longer hosts Da Vinci Code. Thanks to him for sharing the file all this time!

Besides these, don’t forget the audiobooks and podcast that you can enjoy on your K750i too!!

List of some websites to get reading material for K750i (.txt):

  • Project Gutenberg (classic or copyright free literature in .txt format)
  • Esnips (vast source of fiction books in digital format + much more stuff)
  • TuxMobil (mostly for technical ebooks and mobile software for reading)
  • EBookLobby (computer, art, business, biograpies etc)
  • Michael Whalen (for Da Vinci Code and other fiction titles in jar format)

Eureka: found a bug in K750i !!

Ever recieved a call on your K750i while the camera is on? Well, try it ! he he he *evil Tom grin with arched eyebrows and hunched shoulders*

Do you like what you see? Hmmmm? 😉

Themes for K750i

Some of my past themes. Click to enlarge.

These are some of the the themes which I’ve used for my K750i. Do you recognize the top-left one? It is the theme used by Sony Ericsson for the promos of K750i. Has it ever occured to you to ‘actually’ use this theme?! You can get this classic theme by clicking here. Any way, some of my favourite web-sites for K750i related themes or other software are,, and Do leave a comment if you know of any other nice links.

Tips for K750i (Music)

I’ve been listening to MP3s a lot on K750i. Some notes and tips –

The supplied head phones are very good. Fit nicely in my ears. Bass output is also good especially when MegaBass is on. I just need to plug in the USB cable in the computer and it recognises K750i  as a flash drive. I can browse/cut/copy/paste contents to and fro the memory card and the Windows File Explorer. So all I have to do is that find the MP3s files on my computer and copy/paste them in the \MP3 folder or in \MSSEMC\Media files\audio in the memory card. Simple.

The inbuilt Media Player shows the files in Artist-Title format. So if you want your playlist to look neat and clean then right-click on the MP3 Properties>Summary>Advanced and change the Artist value to the artist name, album name or whatever you want to display in the playlist. Then change the Title value to the song name.

Tip :-
– You will need to change the Title value individually for each file but you can give a common Artist value to multiple files. Keep the CTRL pressed and select the related files with the mouse. Then right-click Properties>Summary>Advanced and change the Artist value. This will be applied to all the files.
– Another tip you might find useful. Create folders according to artist/album on the phone memory card. Then while creating playlists on the phone, you can select the folder and all the files will be put in the playlist.

This seems to be a lot of work but I don’t mind doing this coz it helps me keep my playlist neat. This will be also helpful in sorting the list by Artist or Title.

To Do :-
– Try playing  .M3U playlist files. Have’nt tried this. UPDATE: M3U does not play
– Finetune media synchronization with Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player has synchronization feature with portable devices. I’ve tried using it and it put files on the root of the memory card or in a Music folder. Both these are not acceptable coz phone plays files only from \MP3 folder or \MSSEMC\Media files\audio folder. I’ll try again and post updates. I’m surprized this topic is not discussed in any forum! UPDATE: The folder issue has been sorted out. Details in next post.

Tips for K750i (Calendar & Video)

Calendar: I found an annoying thing about the calendar feature in K750i. The calendar application provides no way to put a recurring appointment like birthdays, anniversaries etc. The calendar application on Nokia series 60 phones is a lot more user friendly. Nokia phones allow recurrent appointments and also show a brief event text at the top while in month view. It becomes frustrating in K750i when I have to click open each day to check out the appointments. The development guys at SE should look into it. Anyway, as far as the recurrent appointment is concerned, I am giving you 3 workarounds-

  1. Create a recurrent appointment on a Nokia phone and send to K750i via bluetooth or IR. K750i saves it as a recurrent appointment! Simple isn’t it?!
  2. Create your recurrent appointments in Outlook and sync the phone with Outlook. All appointments will saved on phone appropriately.
  3. Suppose you want to save John’s birthday. Create a dummy entry for John in phone book with bogus phone number. Save this entry and again come back to edit this contact entry. In the edit mode, the last tab option is for Info and Birthday. Edit the bith date here and save. You will be prompted to save it to calendar. Select ‘Yes’ and it will be saved as a recurrent event. You can delete the phone book entry safely with out affecting the calendar entry. For other purposes, you can use a descriptive name like ‘Ron’s Wedding’ or ‘Insurance Premium’ instead of John.

Video: A very less discussed feature in K750i is its ability to take screenshots from video files. Pause a running video and press [More] > [Capture Frame]. The screenshot will be saved in phone memory. The only limitation is that the picture will of 176×144 resolution. It is not possible to take screeshots in full-screen horizontal mode i.e. 220×176 resolution.

Have you ever felt the need to watch some part of a video in slow-motion? Well, its possible in K750i. While watching a video, move the joystick down. The frame rate will slow down. To continue playing at normal speed, press [Play]. Video can not be slow-motioned in full-screen mode, but once it is in slow-motion, it can be turned full-screen by pressing [More] > [Full Screen]

If you want to see your video even slower then pause the video. Now move the joy-stick down. With every downwards movement of the joy-stick, the video will advance one frame.

Stuff I’m Doing With My K750i

I’m using my K750i for the following activities –
– Making Calls
– Listening music Tip
– Watching videos Tip
– Net Surfing limited to Airtel Live service and Yahoo
– PIM ie Calendar Tip+To-Do Lists+Notes
– Reading Articles and Novels now reading Dan Brown-Angels & Demons
– Clicking Photos
– Transferring files between Home and Office as Flash Drive

I’ve found these features to be most useful –
– Flash Light This is basically a LED light to be used as a flash with camera but as it can be kept on like a torch so I’m using it to find my way around the house when I come back late from work. I’ve made a shortcut to it in my Activity Menu for quick access. Another quick way to start the light is to slide open the camera shutter and press * (Bottom-left button)
– Active ScreenIt is possible to create a note in K750i and display it on the standby screen at all times. Open that note in the phone and select the More > Show In Standby option. I use this to show important To-Do items or Reminders so that I’m reminded of them every time I use the phone.
– USB ChargingI don’t need to carry a charger to my office because I carry my data-cable to office anyway.